Store Wars

Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away … Grocery Store Wars. Slickly-produced animated spoof of the REAL Star™ Wars™ (umm, lemme count … 1, 2, not out, 4!), Episode 4. Leans towards the paranoid in promoting organic foods, but hell, this is a propaganda piece.

Bugspray on food isn’t wholesome, but I’d rather have bugs? Oh. And I don’t want to pay too much for my food either, so if the farm industry could just remember to do that from now on, that’d be greaaaaaaat.

Other Star™ Wars™ bits: I’m hoping in this 3rd episode that someone takes the Jedi to task for letting that spoiled little bitch, Anakin, spiral out of control. Nice prescreen job on that.

Are you like me? Do you have no idea how to spell Anakin (Annakin? Anaken?) unless you use a cheat sheet? Are you a little off your game when trying to discuss the dozens of minor characters in Star Wars Lore™? (And really, why would you?) Do like I do and cheat: Star Wars Character databank.

Finally, the best promo for Episode 3: Revenge of the Loose Ends, NO QUESTION, is the Burger King ad. You know the series … where the guy opens his curtains, the King is standing in his backyard, he wakes up next to the King, he answers the door and there’s the King. Creepy.

Best promo, Darth Vader running into the creepy King.

Star Warrrs, Nothing but Star Warrrs

I’ll bet you’re wondering if I have my tickets yet for Star Wars 3. Umm, no. I don’t think I have ever ordered tickets for a movie — I’m more of a walk up to the booth and get tickets kind of guy. I preorder games, OF COURSE, not movies. Which makes no sense at all, I realize.

Continuing HypeFest 2005 … some Star Wars links to click: — “Your daily dose of Star Wars”. They are, apparently, serious.

Forbes’ list of the biggest Star Wars flops. (riddled with ads and popups … you’ve been warned.) The Star Wars Holiday Special??? Oh how I hope that creator never worked in that town again.

How to make a jedi robe — Jedi fashion never really took off like, say, The Matrix style did. Maybe because Neo could kick jedi ass. There. I said it.

Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, gimme that Star Wars, don’t let them end. Bill Murray encores his lounge singer’s Star Wars theme.

It will take all weekend to get that out of my head. JUST GREAT.

Revenge of the Retailers

Star Wars and gaming, they go hand in hand like the ka-ching with the cash register.

Less than one week until the release of the (let’s hope) final Star Wars movie: Star™ Wars™ – Epsiode 3™ – Revenge™ of the Sith™ . And when I say “let’s hope”, I mean we can’t take much more merchandising avarice from this franchise.

(Somebody think of a new franchise, QUICK!)

I’ll be inserting some Star™ Wars™ links and fond, oh so fond, Star™ Wars™ memories to help build the hype from my end. I don’t know about you, but after Star™ Wars™ Episode 2™, I need a LOT OF HYPE to get me pumped for this.

Speaking of Star™ Wars™ Episode 2™, let’s start the link fest off right with a nostalgic revisit with Triumph, the Insult Dog, and his interview of the Star™ Wars’™ freaks fans waiting to see Episode 2™.

I’m as excited as a little girl!