Roleplaying the Year 1910

I’m not going to tell you where I found this bit of antiquated advice written by a male World of Warcraft player as advice to other WoW players who game with their lovers, or my preferred term, PICF:

Online marriages can be a wonderful experiance. Especially to the female player.

He didn’t get into discussing kitchens and lack of footwear and buns in the oven, but, y’know, he’s probably saving that for Part II.

When The Other Woman’s An Xbox – News – When The Other Woman’s An Xbox: Gaming Gripes Go Online — interventions and other treatments for the gaming addicted, plus support for those left behind. Gee. If you enjoy a time-consuming hobby, you might want to pick a mate that shares the same hobby. Unless you’ve chosen an enabler, then JACKPOT! That’s everything you’ve wanted!

The Suzy Defense

Jiffy, indentured blog servant, passed along this link to a kuro5hin story about an online gamer willing to give it all away for the love of his virtual woman, Suzy. (also via Joystiq.) It’s the Twinkie defense: Suzy was looking for validation, Suzy has incredibly low self-esteem, Suzy is not really happy about anything in her life, bla bla, damn that Suzy. The confession and almost-candor are engaging, but I’m not seeing how Suzy has much responsibility here. (Joystiq is correct that this situation is NOT so uncommon. Have a similar thing in my guild right now. More later when it blows up in everyone’s faces. I hope to get screenshots.)