Jaina Proudmoore and her many lovers

You’re gonna love this.

While I was wasting what would be otherwise productive work hours on the World of Warcraft forums, I ran across a post detailing a Horde prank on the Mal’Ganis server by the guild Goon Squad, Elitist Jerks’ little feeder guild. (Hell, probably on that server, every guild is an EJ feeder guild.)

Basically, they ran Jaina Proudmoore, archmage extraordinaire of Theramore, over to Orgrimmar to visit with her good buddy Thrall — all the while she teleported players and NPCs to Theramore and did her whole routine with the elementals and blizzards and general mageish chaos.

Here’s the YouTube video, which is typical game video quality (i.e. bad) and you can’t really see anything, but just the idea of the prank is enough for me.

At the end of the video, there’s a short plug for joining Goon Squad and here’s the real entertainment: Real life $$ to join and belong to a guild, with several tiers of membership, of course. Consideration for a slot in EJ will run you $50 a month, by the way. (Pssst, plus the $25 application fee.)

Taking them at their word, 1200 accounts paying the bronze membership (those cheap asses!) is $12,000 a month gross.

Joke or not, the IRS has used the anal microscopes over less.