Game Fuel

This is why you always want to have a camera with you, folks.

Game Fuel

Of course, I could have bought a 12-pack of this “DEW WITH AN INVIGORATING BLAST OF CITRUS CHERRY FLAVOR with other natural flavors” … after all, LIMITED EDITION … but I’d rather just have the photo and take the risk that my gaming won’t be all that it could be. No doubt liquor has more to do with that than a lack of invigorating citrus cherry flavor.


Cuppycake of Cuppytalk showed us Herspace and wants to see other blogger’s Gamespace.

Myspace, carefully annotated and cleverly anonymized because I didn’t cheat and vacuum right before the photo:

Foton Gamespace Annotated

What you don’t see: the aforementioned unvacuumed floor, 15 stacks of books and 4 stacks of CDs, 2 bags of camera equipment and the dog sprawled on the floor licking the subwoofer. (WHY? WHY?)