Farmers and Botters and Gnomes

I’ve been up to the devil’s business lately in World of Warcraft — nothing illegal, sploitish or untoward, I assure you. The whole thing hasn’t played out yet so I can’t write out the unseemly details until I get everything that’s coming to me. (That’s a little teaser.)

Fortunately for me, the WoW forums has provided some entertainment.

First, amusing and innovative, a gold farming outfit took to the skies to advertise their gold site across several servers: “Gold Spam: Going to new heights. Literally” and “Emerald Dream server just got hacked it seems“. Mods and the original posters pulled the screenshots before I could capture (damn them!), but basically, gnomes fell from the skies to their deaths to form the words and web addy for a gold farming site.

From the first post:

Server: Skywall
Time: 1 am server
Gold Spam of the Month…

Level 1 gnome warriors are falling from the sky in Ironforge to their deaths, and instantly releasing leaving their bodies on the ground in Ironforge.

“Nothing new” you say? Well, so far the bodies have spelled out < < The Name Of A Site That Will Not Be Mentioned >> and keep falling to form more letters as I type this.

I’m currently at the noob starting zone for the gnomes, in Dun Morogh, and have been watching lvl 1 gnome warriors being created, “flying” 20 feet into the air, then walking towards ironforge. STILL IN THE AIR.

Oh the gnomity!

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Inside Their CM Accounts, Wreaking Havocs

In case you missed the keylogging hijinks on the World of Warcraft forums, this epic/legendary/gigantor thread covers the details — Blizzard Community Managers Nethaera and Drokthul get keylogged, the lucky bastard hackers use the CM accounts to post more keyloggers, PROFIT!, Blizzard’s Eyonix saves the day by banning the CM accounts, everyone has a good laugh and hugs it out.

True story. Except for the hugging.

(Thanks emailer Byron!)

The image links in that thread are probably dead thanks to the 10 million people clicking wildly to see Neth and Drokthul’s shame. Here you go: Drokthul and Nethaera.

Nerd Rage

Back to our regularly scheduled World of Warcraft programming …

This WoW poster and I agree on this: the WoW forums are the ideal place to seek legal advice.

Puddle, level 12 trolling alt of the Shattered Halls realm, wrote in “Acct hacked and im gonna sue”:

Does anyone have any advice for me a guy hacked my wow acct and it was my bank toon, we lost 100s of hours of play time.

1} Has anyone ever sued a person for hacking there acct

2} should I file the police report first or not

3}I know in the police report there needs to be a fraud charge so they cantt bankrupt out any other helpfull hints

4}we are going after this guy in court if you have any helpfull ideas please post

*points to the “Please Don’t Feed the Lawyers” sign.*

(Six sentences and not a one is correct. Sad.)