Death, Taxes & Guild Drama

Do NOT miss the recent e-drama (and RL drama!) that befell the World of Warcraft guild Death & Taxes on the Korgath realm. The thread is (temporarily?) gone from their public areas, but thanks to Google, the story has been cached.

(All of this is very NSFW: language, whoring, nudity, sexual content)

Here’s the tale as writ by Draacon:

Good evening. The following story is one that needs to be told, and told through pictures. To keep the site work safe on the main page, the pictures are going to be included in the post below this one. However, I will use this space to ensure that our resident Fluff Girl, Miyavi, gets the due attention she wants & deserves.

Miyavi came to our guild around December 2006. Her boyfriend, Mr. “Chobo” was one of our warriors and had a keen interest in tanking and utilizing his castrati-esque verbal assaults to motivate and move on guild members.

Anyway, Miyavi was a reserved emo chick from California who really kept to herself and to “Chobo.” I tried to talk to her some, get some pictures, add her to the archives, etc. She really resisted for the most part.

Time went on-about a year-and all of the sudden “Chobo” and Miyavi started having some relationship troubles. Miyavi decided it was time to sleep around some, in California, with one of the gentlemen she is friends with, and “Chobo” decided on Feb. 14th, 2008 that it would be time to end things. So, Miyavi was distraught. Her and “Chobo” had talked about marriage, being together, moving him to California (Where she had already flown him twice, on her time, to get his large [you’ll see what I mean in the next post] penis). She didn’t know what to do. She decided, after some internal reflection, that the only viable thing to do was to find someone vulnerable in “Chobo’s” guild and to use them to get back at him.

Enter Korrupted, a guild member from DnT. He was having some shit at home in Arizona and decided that his about year+ of hitting on Miyavi would finally pay off. He started laying it on thick, and Miyavi saw an opportunity. She decided to fly Korrupted out and let him live with her. Around the beginning of March Korrupted arrives and promptly sleeps with Miyavi–less than a month after she cheated and then got dumped by her boyfriend.

Also, it should be noted that Korrupted and “Chobo” were really good friends in the guild.

IP addresses start to show up on the boards, and there were some thoughts that Miyavi and Korrupted are now together. Miyavi decides that she should use the guild picture thread to post some images of her and Korrupted at her apartment, with the guy she cheated on “Chobo” with sitting right next to her.

I, being the inquisitive mind that I am, decide that the time had come. I decided to bring my investigative services to the table and get to the bottom of everything. I called up Korrupted and called him out for what he was a part of. He denied it at first, claiming that it was just a living situation fix. He then came around and referred to Miyavi fucking him as a “bonus” and it was “temporary.”

Miyavi, on the other hand, was getting what she wanted–she was getting more dick, and getting back at “Chobo” who dumped her, because she was a cheating skank.

So, with the help of Mr. Chobo and other individuals in the guild, I present to you. The attention whore, back stabbing skank… Miyavi.

(Foton note: pics are available by hunting around Google, just your standard attention-whore nudie pics.)

In closing, Miyavi, you’re now e-famous; go gargle mayonnaise.

And if you like to hear people lie justify themselves, the epic Ventrilo recordings are preserved on YouTube (also a Google property, thanks Google!)

Ventrilo, part 1
Ventrilo, part 2
Ventrilo, part 3
Ventrilo, part 4
Ventrilo, part 5
Ventrilo, part 6
Ventrilo, part 7
Ventrilo, part 8
Ventrilo, part 9
Ventrilo, part 10
Ventrilo, part 11

Be grateful your guild dodged that attention whore. Or disappointed, cuz that Vent convo was pretty damn entertaining.

Kudos to the D&T people on Vent who weren’t buying Landon and WhateverHerNameWasItSoundedMadeUp’s bullshit.

UPDATE: Bah! User removed YouTube audio files. I was only through Chapter 9, goddamit.

On a positive note, as commenter Feorian has pointed out, DnT restored the thread to the public areas … which is almost as epic as the Ventrilo recordings.

UPDATE 2: And now the thread is registration-only again. Bleh.

UPDATE 3: Like every attention hoe before her, Miyavi can’t look away from her own drama on the DnT boards:
must watch her own dramaz    inside ur forums watching her dramaz    Death & Taxes -  Miyav - still cking her dramaz

Sources for the Vent recordings, because you don’t want to miss a single “whatever!”: File Front (zip format) or Megaupload (.rar format, thanks Quzor!).

Kids, remember to virus-scan everything you find out on the Wild, Wild Internet. I’m not making that up.

UPDATE 4 – Final word: If not for that pesky Client #9 and his whore Kristen, that DnT girl could have been Whore of the Week. Timing is everything, people.

About a Girl

Here’s an interesting story from this past summer about a girl and a guild and the kind of passion only phatty lewt and nudie pics can inspire: Project X.

Author Tockaray introduces us to druid Elluna, destroyer of guilds:

In retrospect, she literally destroyed the guild I had been in for almost 2 years. The funny thing is, though, is that I hadn’t even realized what she was doing until it was far, far too late. Sure, she’d cause petty drama once in awhile, but never anything serious. Once in awhile there’d be an epeen contest over who could get more of her attention …, and she loved it, but they dissipated quickly. For the most part, she was just your average, everyday e-whore. She’d enter conversations with a “Tee Hee ^_^” or make a random “EEEEP!” sound on vent just to get attention. She was overly obsessed with how her character looked, and was constantly the center of most of the “lol i saw u in IF and we danced ^_^” discussions. I’m sure many of you have seen her kind before.

I WISH I hadn’t seen her kind before.

(Thanks to emailer Bizz for bird dogging this thread.)

Ain’t Love Grand

Here are a couple more World of Warcraft forum finds sent to me by my tireless emailer crew — our eyes are everywhere.

First, buried in the rogue forums amongst all the angst over the incoming haste nerf patch, “so im chilling in the dreaded ‘Friend Zone’..”, and our protagonist doesn’t give us much information, except this:

from Friend ladder to “good ladder”

DO or DIE and make the jump.


Let it be.

Probably, he’s referring to the hated Friends Ladder as postulated (and popularized) years ago at (Click “Construction of the Ladder” for the professional graphic.)

There are a few amusing responses and even fewer helpful responses, but I particularly enjoyed reply #15 by this week’s top candidate for intense psychotherapy:

Stay away imo. especially if you work with her. She’s probably a wh0re anyways. Most of em are. A good 99% i’d guess.

So I’m guessing that Norman didn’t have a very healthy relationship with mom.

(Thanks, emailer Laura!)

Last, a spurned WoW lover used the forums to complain about the imaginary sex he had: KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOR REPORT HERE. The thread was deleted (natch), but Google cache was quicker on the draw than me. (WARNING: This thread and the posted links are NSFW – language, masked language and ALL CAPS VIRTUAL SCREAMING.)

Basically, this level 61 rogue (that’s why you’re sitting on the bench, champ, L2Level) is claiming he had (real or imagined) sex with this woman who had sent him (real or stolen) nudey pics of herself (or her imagined self). It’s hard to decipher with the walls of text, maybe she’s his guildmate, maybe just a servermate, who knows, but neither party was satisfied, she moved on to other (real or imagined) lovers, and he chose to embarass himself on the server forums.

Quoted rants after the jump. Again, NSFW! (Names/img links edited from the quoted text.) Continue reading