Ho-Ho-Hope You Have a Merry Holiday

Another Winter Veil miracle! Rain in Goldshire!

Rainy Goldshire

Don’t forget to loot your (faux Christmas) presents in your faction’s capital city. (Greed hint: Fly your alts to the capital too for the looting ritual.)

The Annual Looting of the Winter Veil Presents

The Orgrimmar Loot Fest

Silvermoon City embraces all “lifestyles” — not surprising for a city of blood elves. If you want to kiss an NPC under the mistletoe for Winter Veil goodies in that town, be prepared to kiss a dude.

The Silvermoon City "lifestyle"

And, on this day of both avarice and generosity, we remember to count our blessings. For example, you should be grateful that the male draenei NPCs don’t wear short shorts.

Exodar NPCs and their Winter Veil Get-ups

See ya under the mistletoe in Silvermoon! *wink wink*