The Zeal of the Newly Converted

I’m in love.

The (Famous) Prancing Pony

(Pictured: The Prancing Pony tavern of Lord of the Rings Online)

I know LOTRO and I are still on our honeymoon. I know I have the flush and the zeal of the newly converted, but, I AM SMITTEN.

I was swept off my feet. I wasn’t looking to make a big commitment — I just wanted a little fun on the side — and I have fallen hard for this game. Maybe you won’t love her like I do, and that’s ok, because she and I have something special right now. I don’t know if the end game will be as rich and carefree as our early days together have been, but if it is … I am so DOWN with this game.

I LOVE that there’s a “Pie-Eating Champion”.

Pie Eating Champion

(See? Hi, Cardinal Phang! You’re almost famous.)

I LOVE that I’m reading quest text now. I was a click-through questor from way back. Ya, ya, ya, we all have problems, Joe NPC, what do I need to kill/fetch/deliver? Now, I’m like: Brigands you say?? Stealing your weed, eh? THOSE BASTARDS! Sit tight, lil hobbit, I’m on the case.

I LOVE that the Old Forest is one of the spookiest in-game experiences I’ve ever had. I’m swatting flies, on my way to see a lady about some water, and the trees (elite ones, mind you) start creaking and moving. Thought me: I’m so dead, I’m so dead, I’m so dead, why didn’t I bring friends like the lippy NPC suggested?

I LOVE that the pre-order Founders’ in-game extra items are worth a damn.

I LOVE the area kill messages, or was killed by, as the case may be. Ok, I actually only LOVE the “was killed by” messages.

I LOVE the /music system where players can perform their own music with in-game instruments. I love that most of it is incredibly bad and that I would also be bad, but it’s depth and flavor.

I LOVE the crafting system, with farmers and foresters and scholars, although I’m not a crafter myself usually. I don’t know why we need pipe weed yet, but if I can blow dragon smoke-rings, call me a smoker.

I don’t even know all that I’ll love about my new mistress yet, but I’m eager to discover all the ways. Please GOD, let me love this game past level 20.

I can hardly wait to be with her again.