I Don’t Want to Say I Told You So, But …

The next time you read an AFK Gamer post and think, “that Foton does not know what he’s talking about!”, I want you to come here and look at this post.

Remember how I had warned you about grouping in Guild Wars? Y’know, only group if you really, really must and be prepared for players that yell all the time and then spit on your feet before they leave your ass in the middle of a mission? (Here’s a link and a screenshot to refresh your memory.)

So today, I logged into GW on my alt. Alas and alack, none of the buds were online yet, so either I fill out the group with the suicidal henchmen, or I find myself a group.

Rock, meet Hard Place.

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Hot and Cold

I run hot and cold on this Guild Wars game. Some days I’m like a schoolgirl … I LOVE this game lol, it’s everything I thought an online world could be! lol! Other days, the game can suck me off two times.

So if someone were to ask me if it’s a go, I’d have to ask, which way is the wind blowing?

Is that good? Is that an improvement in gaming? Hell if I know. It is different, I can tell you that.

Examples of different:

1. The Community. I spent the larger part of the race to level 20 (max) with the general chat turned off. It’s a noisy din like I’ve never heard before, and I’m including the East Commons tunnel (pre-Bazaar days in EverQuest) and Ironforge (World of Warcraft) on a Sunday afternoon in that assessment. It’s migraine-inducing chatter.

The problem in living without general chat is, as far as I’ve witnessed, there is no community. In GW, whack out a few quests and you’ve moved on to the next town, and, the idiots you ran into before are long gone … either left in the dust or they popped up in another clone of the Next Town.

That part is good, but I should be more vigilant with adding the good players, the reliable dudes, to my friends list … because there are quests/missions where a real live person is vastly superior to a hired NPC — even a not-terribly-attentive real live person.

There comes a point where the hired NPCs have a death wish and they’re taking the entire group with them.

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This is a Vanguard: SoH Fan Site (really)

Look what I found, cleverly buried in one of the NPC speeches in Guild Wars!

Product Placement

Obviously, that’s bought-and-paid-for product placement for the (maybe someday) Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. See how sneaky they were in hiding the S O H??

Man, this is how the hype starts: subliminal advertising — next thing we know, we’re preordering and using character calculators to map out our skills. DAMN THOSE MARKETING DEPARTMENTS!

Or, it could just be a coincidence.