52 thoughts on “No Holds Bard

  1. I have to admit, they had me going for a second on that Bard class. The thought process was something to the effect of:
    “…the power of rock? WTF? And Guitar Hero integration now!?! What the hell is go–oh, well played Blizzard!”

    As for the Molten Core console game, I was really hoping that would be a real thing. I knew right away that it wasn’t, but I think that would be a cool idea; if there was a way to effectively execute it (which there’s not), market it (also not), and give it some replay value (pff…even the dungeon lost its appeal almost immediately). Then I found myself wondering “hmm…why didn’t they include all those other bosses we’ve learned to love to hate?”

    Ah well, I have to agree. This was one of the better (ok, it was the best) April Fool’s pranks on the web this year. The coup de gras; people on my server actually believed it; “When is the Molten Core game coming out!?!”
    “Man, I can’t wait to play Bard class!!”
    “What!?! It’s not real?!? Aww, man…”
    Never have I seen so many noobs coalesce into one big blob of fail.

  2. Hell… why is it that the “Bard Hero” appeals much more to me than that Emo Death Knight concept?

  3. Dude, it’s not the Death Knight that’s emo, it’s some of the players. I’ll grant you, the emo players don’t have much appeal to me either…

  4. i generally love the well thought out april fool’s jokes. i fricking HATE the giant spam of “i’m wowquitting! … hahah april fool’s!” omg. be creative or just stfu imo.

  5. Bet he’s on a holiday again, leave us with the shakes 😐
    Geif foton fix, soon!

  6. Yeah, all I do is play, its not like im here every 2.nd day to check if my hero stirrs ..

  7. Personally, I think he does it just to watch you guys go crazy…. or maybe an AoC vacation is in the making?

  8. Why AoC ? It’s a shallow as it looks good.

    And it doesn’t even look that good.

  9. LFM healer and tank for raidquest “search of foton” in sunwell. (he’s prolly lost in there or something)

  10. Well, if this is that inevitable end already – Thanks for all the years of blogging, Foton. As psycho as raiding guilds can be, it is a blast and it was a blast reading about your (mis)adventures.

  11. *Queue sad music from Titanic*

    Here’s a thought though, anyone remember what server he plays/ed on? Could always hop on there and /who Foton see if it works.

  12. I don’t think his character is named Foton. He goes for anonymity. Wonder if Raster is still about to give us an update? Ah well just sucks to lose a good read.

  13. People, people…. Calm down. Mr. Foton cannot simply wave his magic wang and create juicy guild drama (just other juicy things) for us all to love to read. Be patient, another asshat will come into the Foton crosshairs, it just might be a few years.

    Bai2u budday, if you’re really gone

  14. Hmmm. I just feel sure he’s out there trying Conan. And that he’ll not be able to pass up the WotLK expansion when it hits. But there’s SO much fodder in Conan to blog on, which makes me curious as to where he’s lurking…

  15. Are you implying that perhaps he’s blogging about the tools in Conan elsewhere? Perish the thought! I don’t think he’d leave us here, if he was blogging about the entertaining recepticles in Conan i’m sure he’d be doing it here =(

  16. “Are you implying that perhaps he’s blogging about the tools in Conan elsewhere?”

    No no, I just thought he started playing Conan and then got…lost in the excitement of note taking? Got sucked into the PvP no holds bar’d server there? Eaten by a mammoth maybe?

    Randomly now I hope he’s ok and didn’t get into some kind of messy real life thing involving the inability to blog. Hey, it happens sometimes.

  17. And for the record, if I did squeak into a beta, I’d keep my fool mouth shut on the blog, especially if I hated the game. I would remain UNCHARACTERISTICALLY silent. *nudge nudge* Fair is fair, their house, their rules.


    Could it be WotLK isnt all were hoping for?

  18. Most probably WAR, since it’s pretty much awful, unlike everything they said it would be :/

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