The Sunwell is at hand!

Here’s a World of Warcraft-community project we can all enjoy from the sidelines: Sunwell Event Progress chart for the U.S. servers and the European servers.

U.S. side, Proudmoore is kicking ass, followed by Cenarius, Medivh, Lightbringer and Zul’jin.

Euro-servers, the ever-industrious Germans are leading the way: Lothar, Gilneas, Thrall, Madmortem and Khaz’goroth.

On my own U.S. server, we’re faaaaarrrrr behind Proudmoore, but the crowds at each quest area are crushing nonetheless. I can imagine on the high-population servers it might take most of the day to complete the new dailies.

Two things I’m looking forward to … a repair vendor and a goddamn mailbox. Screw the portal, that’s why we have mages and warlocks.

14 thoughts on “The Sunwell is at hand!

  1. Being a European i checked the progress on he EU servers and yes, the germans are industrious, but the top servers are all normal servers… i guess on the pvp servers people are just to busy to gank one another

  2. All the PvP servers are really hurting compared to the PvE ones. It’s kinda sad, but I guess they signed up for that crap.

  3. Yeah the PvP servers are lagging behind. On mine we go through stages were everyone is getting along fine then some putz decides to gank an ally (or vice versa) starts yelling in general about how the Ally sucks yada yada and next thing you know it’s gank city and you can’t get shit done.

    People who think PvP servers are going to be some blissful server where you get to fight fairly or have PvP that matters are fucking kidding themselves. Only damn reason I am there is my friends are on it, and after my old guild on my old PvE server melted down I didn’t want to start over with people I didn’t know.

  4. Amen to the mailbox and repair vendor. Everyone on my server can’t shut their damn mouths about how their going to get all the sweet badge loot as soon as phase 3 opens up (of which there really is very little), and I’m stuck alone in the corner cheering for the fact that I won’t have to hearth or take an excruciatingly long flight to get back to anywhere I can re-supply, repair, and read mail. Screw badge loot, I just want a post office!

  5. @Richard – you can alter the variables file you upload. The addon didn’t record my server’s progress on phase 2 for me so I went in there and manually added it and recalculated the md5. It wasn’t hard but I also didn’t artificially bloat it either.

    I’m on one of the top 5 servers and the first day was definitely nuts, especially the two Hellfire dailies at the Throne of Kil’jaeden. It is fairly well settled down by now. The bombing run is a pain in the ass to solo due to the sheer number of people doing it but getting a group is simple. However, the Arm the Wards daily can kiss my ass. Having to kill mana drain mobs as a holy paladin is complete crap.

  6. Yeah, I’m on Lightbringer and the first few days were pretty well camped (especially the Hellfire quests before they fixed the spawn rates) but it’s been a lot easier the last few days, especially if you form a group with some guildies and plow through the dailies together. I would not reccomend doing the bombing quest alone, ever, unless you want to make that flight 5-6 times, heh.

  7. Two things I’m looking forward to … a repair vendor and a goddamn mailbox.

    — Here, here!

  8. That is why I set stone at IF, so I can fly there extra fast and stone super fast to get mail and repair (but only once an hour of course)

  9. We just had the worst free for all battle on the island started by four priests on the shadowmoon server. It was 2 horde priests and 2 alliance priests. Whenever, one would almost die the opposing faction priests would mind control and heal them. Eventually so many people were trying to kill them that things got out of control and a faction war broke out.

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