Remember the Sunwell!

Aha. So it is a WoW Patch Day today after all!

Why couldn’t they just say that yesterday? I don’t know. Probably this is a Suits vs The Patch Department thing.

And because WoWWiki and Wowhead are about a billion times more accurate and timely than anything Blizzard puts out, some links to click:

2.4.0 Patch Notes
Undocumented Patch Changes
Patch Mirrors — if your ISP is like my ISP, you’re not allowed to torrent ANYTHING because only thieves and bandwidth hogs use torrent.
New 2.4 badge loot

4 thoughts on “Remember the Sunwell!

  1. I’m pretty sure ISP’s can’t legally block torrent traffic though a lot of cable companies use sandvine to limit or block uploading.

  2. Yeah, Comcast is playing games with BitTorrent traffic. Some VP needs to spend some time in Federal Pound You In The Ass Prison to discourage that sort of thing, but it’ll never happen.

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