8 thoughts on “Almost Too Easy

  1. Hehe, been there, done that! My other favourite is telling someone to reload their screen by hitting Alt F4 *evil grin*

  2. Actually got four or five guildies on “/quit and /gquit are walking across a bridge…” I wanted to make a new rank just for these guys but the GM wouldn’t go for it.

  3. Still, to my mind the classic is the clueless innocent(?) asking in trade/general ‘how do I quit a guild’ — and amid the various replies telling how, the poor sleep-deprived who miss that space while trying to help….

  4. Ahh, good stuff. I love all of those tricks, especially in CS. Lans are ripe for the picking as well (especially for CS, yet again). Bind mouse1 kill.

    If you want 16k money type gg money in console.

  5. My favorite after downing a new boss:

    Newb: How do I hide the UI so I can take a screen shot?

    Me: alt-f4

    {Newb has disconnected}

  6. That’s funny. I also have a story that, in a war song battle, one of my team complained that it cost so much time to win against the Alliance. Then someone suggested type /AFK to take a rest and would be staying at battle without being killed. He did and three more did too.

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