Read it in the Sunday Papers


Sunday’s New York Times included the full version of the above Geek Love flowchart and a glowing tribute to recently deceased Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax.

It’s obvious from the scientific chart that lack of romantic success can be blamed on early exposure to D & D, but one could also theorize that lack of romantic success can be blamed on OTHERS’ early exposure, like the entire EverQuest and Ultima Online development teams.

Make sure you mention that to your therapist — he/she’s tired of hearing about your mom every week anyhow.

4 thoughts on “Read it in the Sunday Papers

  1. I was going to make a comment about Sci Fi leading to Gandalf, and then realized that I was stuck in the lower left corner of the diagram.

  2. Nice article from the Times there.

    Am I the only one stuck in a eternal loop in that diagram?
    I can’t get out!

  3. That’s not a valid flowchart!

    But I guess I already knew I was a rules lawyer. Bottom left corner it is.

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