The Armory

The Armory

If you’re like me and you’re checking your World of Warcraft realm forums for the weekly game of “Who’s Flaming Me Now?”, you might be redirected to a GoDaddy parked-domain page instead of your flamer’s armory link.

You’ll be tempted to join the conspiracy theorists and use this as evidence that Blizzard is playing both sides of the gold game, but really it’s just a DNS snafu.


5 thoughts on “The Armory

  1. I’ve always wondered how you can link someone’s forum troll account to their main? I made a post a few weeks back with a low level on a separate realm to ask a sort of noob question and people started commenting on my main’s arena ratings 😛

  2. Nereus – do you happen to use a sig on the forums at all? If you’ve posted with your main with that same sig, they can usually backtrack and find that.

  3. ah, thanks MH 🙂 that must be it, my sig is a quote from the Office so probably pretty easy to find

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