Another Good News, Bad News Scenario

Rarely am I organized enough to bookmark game issues so I can check back later and see “whatever happened to that promised fix?” Oh … like, say, the World of Warcraft Global Cooldown changes back in November 2007.

And here was the promise, as writ by Drysc, dripping tree of Blizzard:

We’re continuing to read reports and feedback, and we’ve recently applied a hotfix that should make it easier to chain cast spells without seeing the “Another action is in progress” or “Spell is not ready yet” messages at the end of casting.

That was just part of the fix; the other part has to be addressed client-side and requires a patch.

The fix that’s in the patch is to address players getting the “Spell is not ready yet” when spamming at the beginning of a cast. This message happens instead of just seeing a “quick click” of the spell, which doesn’t affect DPS, but certainly changes the feel of playing as if something has gone wrong. The patch with this other part of the fix will be available on the PTRs within the next week.

We really want everyone to get on the PTR when it does go live, test the changes, and report their findings on the Test Realm forum. We’re continuing to read reports, test the issue internally, and want to reach a resolution that addresses the concerns.

And indeed, the fix is now on the Public Test Realm. It’s called Spell Haste.

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