U Wouldn’t Want to Touch That

The Male Gnome DanceWhile I was waiting for the cooldown on my World of Warcraft lunar festival invitation to the land of free portals, I was watching the various NPCs go through their dance routines and became curious about the male gnome dance origins.

The first Google result was this WoW page with downloadable files of the dance animations, 250×250 transparent or black, and 120×120 avatars — no Draenei or Blood Elf yet. I thought that was a nice little service … because I’m easily amused.

(The answer is MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”. Thanks WoWWiki, font of all World of Warcraft knowledge.)

By the way, if you’ve always wanted a Piccolo of the Flaming Fire to annoy your fellow players, the loot dropper Hearthsinger Forresten of Stratholme is easily soloable at level 70 by almost everyone. (The Wowhead comments provide good detail on finding his possible spawn spots.)

And don’t think because you’re a badass level 70 that you can pick off the trash at will in a careless manner because those huge gangs of undead can still take you down and send you to the graveyard outside, then you’ll have to slink back into Strath to pick up your body before your guild notices the corpse run of shame.

I’m guessing … cuz that never happened to me.

5 thoughts on “U Wouldn’t Want to Touch That

  1. if you time it right, the male gnome arm waving goes perfectly with the female gnome rump shaking. um, not that i’ve ever tried that. <.<

  2. Actually, the Gnome dances have nothing to do with MC Hammer. Orc Dance, however, is stripped exactly from the U Can’t Touch This music video.

  3. Soloed the piccolo as a holy priest, it really can be done as any char. The agro range on the mobs is almost nil, however, once they do agro, you can get many friends…

    There’s only one spawn spot I found impossible to kill him at (the nearest one, 2 mobs literally on top of him), as it pulls 6+ adds plus the 3 there. Otherwise it’s easy.

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