Ho-Ho-Hope You Have a Merry Holiday

Another Winter Veil miracle! Rain in Goldshire!

Rainy Goldshire

Don’t forget to loot your (faux Christmas) presents in your faction’s capital city. (Greed hint: Fly your alts to the capital too for the looting ritual.)

The Annual Looting of the Winter Veil Presents

The Orgrimmar Loot Fest

Silvermoon City embraces all “lifestyles” — not surprising for a city of blood elves. If you want to kiss an NPC under the mistletoe for Winter Veil goodies in that town, be prepared to kiss a dude.

The Silvermoon City "lifestyle"

And, on this day of both avarice and generosity, we remember to count our blessings. For example, you should be grateful that the male draenei NPCs don’t wear short shorts.

Exodar NPCs and their Winter Veil Get-ups

See ya under the mistletoe in Silvermoon! *wink wink*

46 thoughts on “Ho-Ho-Hope You Have a Merry Holiday

  1. Miss ya Foton! I’m reduced to actually reading my realms’ forums and the five million posts about HARP/Hit/etc. on the rogue forums in order to neglect work. 🙁

  2. Me too Mort. It’s a good thing his last post was his xmas post, now I can tell at a quick half-second glance if he’s updated.

    That screen of goldshire has been burned into my retinas.

  3. i don’t check once a day anymore. every few days, maybe, and sometimes when i click his link by accident.

    i never thought that seeing a pic of xmas cheer would make me sad. =(

  4. Foton’s AFK, of course.

    Then again, it would be nice to know if you’re still alive, and not laying in a ditch somewhere.

  5. he’s not dead. he’s not laying in a ditch. he has updated his del.icio.us links and twitter tweets, he just hasn’t updated his blog… in over a month. =/

  6. Anyone have any good stories? My guilds riding the high of getting into MH/BT so very little drama at the moment…;)

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  8. At least the site is still up. I remember it was down for a few days and I did have a mad panic then :S

  9. Foton still lives, and so does Raster – good!

    As I ground honor this weekend for the updated pvp trinket, (Thanks for that PvE encounter that needs a PvP trinket Blizzard! Our priests love you. :P) out of 10 games played on Sunday the Alliance won 6 times. Two of those were Drek kills. The other two were by reinforcements. And in one I was screamed at for taking a bunker. Hello screaming people, SH bunker and SHGY are not capped with the same flag.

  10. Why do I attempt to spam a holiday message? Am I so bereft of the holiday spirit that I try to derail good tidings for my own benefit? Yes, yes I am, and beginning today, I’m adopting a new attitude — one without commercial gain as its sole focus. It’s a new me, and I have AFK Gamer to thank!!

    (This spam-attempt may have been edited to suit the holiday season.)

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