Blues’ Clues ©

In my quest to spoonfeed World of Warcraft patch information and other blue news to my guild, I found two new-to-me websites with customizable WoW news and blues:, which includes news from fansites and other unofficial sources, and WoWBlues, a blue-only tracking site. Both are well done, and, with just a little bit of code wrangling, the RSS feeds can be integrated into your guild’s website for free automagic content.

And as you can see, I’ve already coined the phrase “Blues’ Clues”, which you may NOT use without my permission, and that would probably require begging and flattery. Money works too.

UPDATE: WoWBlues already giving me a clue — today’s patching extended by two hours to 1 pm PST, so sayeth dripping tree Drysc.

The How Much of Patch 2.3

This might be of use to you World of Warcraft people, especially if you’ve been saving up 75,000 honor points and 8,900 badges — a comprehensive listing of the new equipment, recipes, patterns and gear prices of Tuesday’s Patch 2.3. (thread last edited October 19th, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy. via MMO Champion’s forums.)

I’m guarding Tower Point right now, plus, I’m making a shopping list for my alt’s honor points. I can multi-task like that.