Hallow’s End 2007

Let the overcamping of the Headless Horseman begin!

Because, apparently, we are people of very little ambition, my guild spent an hour of our pre-work/school time running the Headless Horseman script in the graveyard wing of the Scarlet Monastery.

Here’s the Pumpkin Shrine where you run the script — level 70s can easily bypass all the trash, except the lone patroller on the way.

Pumpkin Shrine

Here’s a lucky fellow in Stormwind who scored the epic version of the flying broom, Swift Flying Broom. The tooltip is in error, by the way, you can use your broom many times for the next two weeks.

Magic Broom

Additional info:
We four-manned the encounter with a holy paladin tanking — was a mild challenge because of the impaired tankage (plus, our warlock is … let’s say, not so bright). Later, another soon-to-be-late-for-work guildmate (mage) logged on and the 5-man party was E Z mode.

The rings and crappier brooms drop ALOT — the real prizes are the pet squashling and the epic broom, of course.

Details on the encounter and the loot table is on WoWWiki.

12 thoughts on “Hallow’s End 2007

  1. So the Headless Horseman… actually has a head?

    Are you sure thats the flying broom, I thought flying things couldn’t be used in Azeroth 😐

  2. it’s probably a riding one if it’s useable in SW right?

    That could be. He has one of the epix, but we all have the junk ones too from multiple zone runs. My envy prevented me from asking which he was using at the time.

    EDIT: P.S. This is the best goddamn world event script they’ve ever created. Nice (not OP) rewards for max levels, not annoying to rerun on a reasonable timer, and clever script.

  3. Don’t forget the awesome but rare plate helm, that every plate wearer is desperate to get.

  4. I think I’m the only person playing the game that hasn’t gotten to do this yet. I got home late from work, and it was almost invite time. /sigh

  5. Great event, very worthwhile (the healer ring is identical to an epic Sha’tar rep ring). I just casually ran this a few times with guildies and pug’s and managed to get the epic broom and healing ring.

    Little things like this make the game very enjoyable.

  6. Actually, I was quite impressed with the entire event. Whoever came up with this one deserves a raise, it is that good. It beats other “seasonal”/special events hands down.

    The loot that drops actually seems pretty nice. The massive quantites of brooms can certainly be used to sweep up the bones from the front of the instance entrance. Even now, four days later, it is still standing room only.

  7. Just had a go at this last night and apart from our MT d/cing once, it was great fun 😀

    I LOVE how they give you sticky treats to run out and reset it faster even. Managed to get both the healer ring and the caster one for spelldamage (read: boosting) set, casterless groups for the win 😉

    The fire-putting-out event is rather too. If only you could get away with shoving hollow pumpkins onto strangers’ heads IRL. Or turning them into bats for that matter ^^

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