We Have Tabardz

As I’ve been working on (yet another) unguilded alt character in World of Warcraft, this one with big OP-ness, I’ve noticed quite a few guild hawkers using the strength of their guild tabard in their recruitment pitches.


Great tabard


I don’t think my guild even has a tabard. Did anyone go set one up at the guild registrar’s office? Probably not. And no wonder we’re not getting quality applicants!

Guild tabards were a great thing, once upon a time in Warcraft. Seems most players choose an exalted faction tabard nowadays though. (The object of my desire: The Sporeggar tabard, cuz it’s so damn ridiculous.)

We didn’t have tabards in EverQuest, but we did have armor dyes when the Legacy of Ykesha expansion was released. In fact, that was the ONLY REASON to buy LOY, the armor dyes. At one point, soon after the LOY expansion, we were struggling with Rallos Zek in the Plane of Tactics. (What. A. Bastard.) Anyways, until Rallos Zek went down, all guildmembers had to dye their armor an obnoxious neon color, as anti-suck motivation, donchaknow.

Finally, thankfully, RZ went down and everyone spent the first five minutes redying their armor to the bad-ass color of their choice before we even checked the loot. For a short while, we used the threat of required neon armor to encourage everyone to focus on new boss encounters. Surprisingly effective.

Which gives me an idea.

14 thoughts on “We Have Tabardz

  1. Before the gorgeous gates of MC opened up and raiding began (when was that time again??), guilds were all about the tabard. Was a huge selling point that your guild had an different/unique/not queer looking one. Today, they are largerly an afterthought and with so many factional ones now available, including the “Green Shroom on Purple” one you feature, why bother?

    My favorite tabard design still has to be the “White Lobster on Red Background” for my ‘ole FriendsFam guild Fish N Chips. It was always enjoyable receiving tells of “Where’s my hushpuppies?”

  2. You should apply the same motivational scheme to guild tabards.

    “Okay guys, either we kill this guy or it’s another week of the pink butterfly and bright green frills. We fail next week and I’m going to require you wear the wedding dress outside raids.”

  3. Oh yeah, I remember RZ. I also played on Rallos Zek, so you not only had to deal with the encounter but also with those annoying PKs that tried to rain you.

    Anyway, tabardz FTW!

  4. His instance server crashed during prime raid time and they’re all still stuck in there hopelessly spinning

  5. Well crud, I had a nice zombie Ascii art for my comment, but it didn’t work out…..

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