The Mutiny

Previously … my guild begged the raiding core to return to World of Warcraft from Lord of the Rings Online, where we were happy and birds sang and women were free with their sexuality. Despite all that free love, we answered the call of duty and were prepared to do what was necessary, as long as our “good ole boys” faction was similarly prepared to do what was necessary. It was about then that the word “mutiny” was whispered. By me.

Recall that we, the raiding core, spent an ENTIRE WEEK on Ventrilo talking to Boss Hogg and the good ole boys about what we’d need to rebuild our guild into its former glory — and in modern gaming, rebuilding is de facto, every few months, here we go again type stuff. We, the raiding core, knew the kind of nuts that would be required to restore glory. Like … logging in when we really didn’t wanna, logging in when we’d rather watch the final Sopranos half-season (and wtf!), logging in when our imaginary girlfiends preferred we didn’t … it’s a commitment, we got it. Been there, and y’know …

We were denied and we were not happy. Guildmates /whispered to and fro. As I said, it was about then that the principal good ole boy enemy announced he would be offline for a week and I floated the idea of Mutiny.

It started as a joke, then the idea became more than just a dream. The day before he (PGOB, principal good ole boy) returned, it was a password in the guild /whispers for who was with us … and who wasn’t.

PGOB returned and he was not amused. For the last time, the guild (no, wait, he capitalized that in /tells), The Guild would not bow down to our demands. But we could talk about this (YET AGAIN) in Ventrilo in three days, after he did his vacation laundry. Seriously. He had laundry and he couldn’t be bothered with Ventrilo convos for 3 days.

Although I didn’t understand this whole urgency about laundry, I could wait and said as much. Practically speaking, recruiting post-Burning Crusade was not the cakewalk that pre-BC recruiting was and we had nothing to lose by waiting.

I will always have room in my guild for more casual raiders who have real life issues that require their attention, like babies and children or wives and husbands or jobs or school, but with all due respect to our casual members’ TV/Tivo schedules … where were they when we had our nuts chewed off repeatedly by Nefarian? Where were they when we begged for help with Huhuran? The Twin (gay, incestuous) Emperors, where .. are .. you? Patchwerk? Lil help for some old buccaneers?

I’ll tell you where they weren’t. They weren’t online toughing it out. After those (and more) were on farm, they were online, for damn sure! Magically their real life schedules opened up! They are here now! Get the fatted calf! Invitez plz!

Frankly, some of our casuals used “real life” as a shield when the going got tough, we could all see that. I mean, CMON, you have level 60 horde characters or level 60 anything on another realm, you have time for your guild, you just choose not to be there. I’m cool with that — raiding is not for everyone. But, the silly ass games with promoting founders and good ole boys over raiders, or taking away the raiding officers’ powers from time to time was going to end in Burning Crusade.

And that’s why when their final offer was a new guildleader who played every other week and they added a few shots about what ungrateful … pricks we were, I said “let’s pull the plug.” (Actual quote, except I added some salty language as would be fitting of a mutineer.)

After an hour of private /tells explaining that talks had broken down, I /gquit and logged off.

Had the mutiny failed? Was I destined for the stockades and gallows? Yes. By almost every definition of the word “mutiny”, I had failed. The next day, I was guildless, as were FIVE other guildmembers.

SIX does not a mutiny make.

We didn’t even have enough mutineers to complete the signing of a new guild charter. We had six people to sign — World of Warcraft requires TEN signatures (accounts) to form a new guild.

We leaned on former (sympathetic) guildmembers’ alts and my nephew to fill out the required ten signatures. (My nephew made a new gnome on my server to sign the guild charter … how pathetic am I? Pretty damn.)

So here we were, six guildmates in a new raiding guild, looking at each other and wondering whatever will become of us. The next day, one of the original six disbanded and returned to the comfort of the good old boys’ guild. So … we had FIVE. That, minus me (rogue), plus a warlock = a top-rated arena team. At least we’d have that.

But more importantly, how the FUCK were we gonna clear Karazhan with five? 25-mans were over for a while, clearly, but maybe Karazhan at least?

We had lots of chances of turning back, only we didn’t. We kept going. Because we were holding on to something. Mostly we held on cuz no decent guild on the server would have us after that mutiny stunt.

Tomorrow … I really should have stayed in the Shire.

29 thoughts on “The Mutiny

  1. I wouldn’t let it phase you to much….

    By the sound of the old guild, all you lost was drama you were trying to avoid anyway, and while 5x accounts does not clear Kara, there are a vast array of guilds that often need extra toons.

    If you’re serious about playing wow for Kara (and not LoTR) then start chatting to the smaller guilds that need extras. Sites like this [] on some servers act to allow odd players to meet-up and still attend raids.

    And it sounds like you have more fun in LoTR, so do that instead.

    Go where the fun is, and fuck the drama queens.

  2. oh noo… and you’re a rogue. that’s not good. rogues without guilds don’t raid. 🙁

    you could transfer to my server and i’ll ginvite you in a heartbeat, but we’re only in SSC (and TK’s Loot Reaver). 🙁

  3. Negative. I /gquit during prime time and said it was “artistic differences”. Nice balance between the wordless /gquit and the long speech, I thought.

    Altho I regret not taking the opportunity to sneak in a recruitment pitch. 🙂

  4. time to reroll Horde 😀 I have a hard-on for rogues that know how to DPS, you’d always be welcome with us… only problem is our raiding at around 5am server time may be somewhat problematic ^o^

  5. I cannot believe that you are down and out for the count. You have amused us with too many anecdotes. Being a good rogue, you had to have a bolthole. Inquiring minds want to know…

  6. Unfortunately, it sounds like you were a victim of “teenage pansy syndrome.” I’m sure you know it…it’s where everyone is all gung-ho about some plan or other, until the time comes to put it into action…Then it’s all “Oh, I was just kidding…” or “I kinda changed my mind…” or, my personal favorite, “Oh, that’s really happening? I was just joking around…”

    People are spineless…props to you for sticking to your guns though. At least there are still some genuine people out there willing to fight tyranny and fascism (or, at least, dictatorship).

  7. Damn, I hope the happy ending is that you eventually find less drama and more fun in LotRO.

    Though it’d be sad for us, your gentle readers, if you didn’t have more drama to write about.

  8. Foton you are welcome to my spot – pst for realm and guild name – Primo assitant raid leader officership ready for your talented hands 🙂

    And just damn…

  9. You know, I’m all for casual play. I have a life and a husband and work and all that. But you know what else? I’m not stupid enough to think that makes me a good candidate to be a raider, much less a good leader for a raid guild.

    And, three days to do laundry? What kind of pansy-ass idiot needs three days to do their damn laundry? And can’t do other things (like vent convos) in and around it?

    Aiii…. Good luck with the mutiny there. Can’t wait to hear more!

  10. Agreed with Heather, I love logging on every now and then and just doing what I feel like doing in the game, but I also realize I ought not to make any kind of raiding commitment.

    The MMO Pansy Syndrome is indeed disheartening, but that’s MMO players for you. I personally know a lot of people who will bad-mouth their guilds to me all the time, literally hate logging on to raid, etc., and they still stay there because of the comfort factor.

  11. Used to be on pansy side too myself. But after a rude awakening I am now on the heartless bastard side. In the end people you meet in MMOs are people you will forget the second you stop playing, so why bother?

  12. Server Transfer to Crushridge! (if you’re alliance)
    my guild Reign could use the talent, they’re currently suffering from the problem of not having enough skilled guys to fill the raid. (Emphasis on skilled)

  13. I understand the anger at people coming only when instances are on farm. But really by then I figure I have quite a bit of gear and a lot more dkp than them, so I still get what I want and have an easier time of raiding than beating my head on the wall during new content, plus I can take nights off easier.

    Though like Heather writes, eventually I realized I can’t make that commitment so I stopped. I certainly wouldn’t expect people to invite me first or hand me gear first. But that’s why I like dkp over loot council, it solves the problem of rewards. Sure let the old boys come, but they have to wait to build up dkp like everyone else.

    Sometimes I think I should go back to WoW esp. since they got rid of the crappy attunements. I am not fond of the LOTRO game at 45+. But farming pipeweed and baking pies and acting goofy is pretty fun, which is mainly what I do.

  14. @Raster – Wow the abyss sounds like a scary place. I’m thinking you’ve got the raid leader and the rogue officer that won’t take any BS (except from healers) sounds like a solid foundation for a guild to me. The state of raider recruitment is really the suck right now though…

  15. @Stropp, hey, I think I am in another guild that hates their guild! Except now the other guilds that hated my former guild really hate us more than the former guild, so they have one guild that hates their guild and we picked up two guilds that hate our new guild.

    It’s complicated.

  16. I recently /gquit from my raiding guild I’ve spent the last year or so with. I considered myself one of the GOBs who forged ahead new content, paid repair bills, with hardly a purple to show for it. I left because they inflated their roster with purple-hungry kids that could raid from, oh, dinner time ’till the sun comes up. They are pulling Gruul and I’m giving my kid a bath.

    They replaced skill with numbers, and numbers won, although now I hear they are wiping on content that was no trouble when the old-people with lives were around. Most of the old guard stayed on because they had nowhere else to go. I’d take 1 skilled player vs. 5 unskilled yabos anytime in TBC.

    If your new hated guild needs an undead warlock, let me know.

  17. If we only had more than one rogue, and he actually mutinied, this would so be the recent story of my guild!

    As a side note, the raiders that split off number a mere 20, yet they have now cleared KZ including that optional nutjob dragon twice in two weeks…something the mega guild was unable to do ever. Focused group ftw. Is there a position between GoB and HB? I need that job.

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