HBO Buys Second Life Film

HBO bought the rights to a film shot entirely inside Second Life, everyone’s favorite human zoo. Basically, this dude took off from his real life and began game blogging (I think) from Second Life and tada! now he’s got an HBO deal. Unreal.

Each of the 7 mini-episodes of “My Second Life” explore a different subculture within the virtual world, according to HBO …

Oh god.

(Via Washington Post)

3 thoughts on “HBO Buys Second Life Film

  1. Something about it…Second Life is very disturbing to me. It’s one thing that I spend 30 hours a week running a gnome around with 9-24 other people, but at least I don’t believe I “am” the gnome…but to each their own I guess.

  2. No offense to anyone who plays Second Life (though you’ll probably take offense), but I suggest you find a more appropriate and benefitial way to spend your hard earned dollars. FFS, I can’t believe this game even warrants a movie…hell I can’t even believe it’s a successful game…

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