Schooling for the Raid-Challenged

Today, my emailers do all the work for me and bird dog some World of Warcraft forum fun.

Emailer Indy (who never goes on an adventure without a hat) found some loot drama on the Hunter forums from a disgruntled Karazhan raider: /sigh .. Q about raiding loot.

As Indy noted and as you can see, Fubarius, level 70 hunter of the Vashj realm, posted his loot QQ from his main account and *GASP!* word got back to the guild. Fubarius, model guild citizen and stellar raider wrote:

Shortened version:
A hunter in my guild is a female character and female IRL. Her husband is kind of a main healer and she gets ALL the hunter loot. She’s a complete “Loot !**##”
When she got the t4 legs they said in vent “So ____ how many blow jobs did it take you to get that?”
Basically she kisses up.

Is this fair? I lost all the tier gear to her. It’s really not fair, i’m stuck in mostly full blues while she rocks the epics.. /sigh

Yes, yes, calling an officer’s (real life) wife a whore is a good idea!

Bla bla, some replies about the pros and cons of loot councils and DKP systems that we don’t care about and then BOOM, The Guild arrives:

Page 3, reply #40, Infamous, level 70 warrior of Fubarius’ guild has a different opinion:

actually its not because shes a female. when we were considering who to give the tier5 shoulders, the only time your name came up was when every1 decided who was NOT getting them.

personally i picked drakko for tier5 but she has been to SLIGHTLY more raids and the other officers wanted her to have them instead, i just wanted to get on with some more loot so i shrugged and let them lootmaster it to her.

anyway after reading this, i was gonna wait til u logged on to gkick u, but a certain paladin spoiled my fun immediately after reading what i said.

u dont deserve tier 4 ANYTHING, i raided in apocalypse for 2 months and only got tier4 gloves cuz rootz thought i perma respecced prot, u are surely not getting tier 5 shoulders after raiding for like 1month and crying the whole time while contributing NOTHING.

did u ever farm those primals? did u ever raise your tradeskills like we asked u to? looking in my mail RIGHT NOW, i can see that she sent me nightmare seed and her husband sent me some +30 stamina buff food. is that called sucking up? no, its called using tradeskills to benefit the guild, i am a maintank so i use these things to win fights and get people loot. i am a blacksmith and i bring sharpening stones, u know this because time after time u have opened a trade window on me and time after time i have given u one just for that lil extra bit of crit that might help turn a near wipe into a victory. however that does us no good when u die on every karazhan fight, but thats another story.

u never even deserved Legacy over her, u just took advantage of her kindness in letting u sub in for her, and that was Astriel’s decision not mine. he has since regretted it as much as i have. she is one of the least greedy people i have raided with, she had asked many times to have her tier tokens passed to her friend (a gnome mage) but we decided against it cuz of other items being available.

sorry hunters im not trying to incite forum drama, im just trying to clear my guilds name. nubarius here has long been something of a joke on this server, we decided to give him one “last chance” by inviting him into this guild and look how it turned out.
he wipes us constantly with his terrible pulling and trapping, he ninja looted fiend slayer boots from chess event before we made the loot decision, he even logged off after void reaver and logged in vent to listen during doomwalker without taking part in the fight and i was willing to see past all that. but making a whiny loot %#**% thread like this was the last straw. i told u numerous times to step your game up and to stop this forum business, thank u for proving that u are incapable of doing either.

oh yea to respond to some of the replys i saw while glancin thru, shes not an officers wife, and fubarius lost the last few “friends” he had on this server by making this thread. the way he acts in this game, i wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt have any friends in real life either.

that should about cover everything, feel free to remind me if i left anything out fubarius

So. We learned that calling a guildmate’s wife a whore on a public forum from our main account is a bad idea. Actually, WE didn’t learn that, we already knew that. Maybe Fubarius learned that though. Maybe.

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Iconic Warcraft

Fun thread on the World of Warcraft forums: Top 10 Most Iconic Items of WoW

For the firewall-challenged, Thauron, level 70 overpowered player of the Rexxar realm wrote:

Everyone who plays WoW passes by that one player who has everything. There’s always something that makes him REALLY stand out. One part of his armor is so distinct, so cool, and you want it. In the end most players have no hope of ever getting these weapons, but there’s always something that just makes you drool, even to this day. Before I start, most of these are famous warrior weapons, mostly of the two-hand variety. Still, those were the ones that made you drool the most, yes?

10. The Unstoppable Force
The single most common epic level 60 two-hander. Getting exalted in AV was a tedious task back then, but persistence earned you this weapon (and a cheaper epic mount). Not half bad, but it was common. VERY common.

9. Arcanite Reaper
The original Epic Two-Hander of Doom was never epic to begin with. But it was for a good long time the single best weapon a warrior could get. They’d pay more than what it cost to get an epic mount back then (1000g), and gladly. It was simple, effective, and the grim Reaper of the battlefields of old.

8. Nemesis Skullcap
Warlocks were effectively designed to be the “evil” class of WoW. Before acquirin the nemesis helm, warocks appear malicous but not particularly terrifying. Afterwards, you are evil incarnate. The demon skull and horns certainly had their intended effect.

7. Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers
What can I say. It was a living plant that doubled as one of the more powerful ranged weapons. It’s quest chain involved fighting off some rather clever demons, alone.

6. Benediction and Anethemna
These twin weapons belonged to priests, both suited to a particular role. One of few quested items in WoW, and it has some rather impressive longevity. Anethemna was dark and omninous. Benediction was pure and golden. Both stood out.

5. Zin’Rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
It was a sword. It was an epic twohander of doom. It was the weapon of a god. It was HUGE! Definitely one of the more impressive weapons seen throughout WoW’s history, if not the most powerful.

4. Grand Marshal’s Claymore and High Warlord’s Greatsword
Obtaining either of these weapons under the old system required an unduly amount of dedicaton. Or no life, or some account sharing. Regardless, this was a weapon that had it’s own status. Very few people earned the right to wield one of these, and only the divine above knows how many tried.

3. Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
This behemoth of a weapon dropped off the mightiest black dragon encountered in WoW. That alone earns it some potency. It’s size and power gave it a history of massacre. Zin’rokh’s big brother, you could say.

2. Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
The orange hammer of doom. Up until Naxx, this weapon was virtually unmatched. It also has a distinctive color and glow to boot. Belonging to Rag, one of the first truly impressive raid bosses featured in WoW, this was a weapon of great might. Especially when in the hands of the decked out warrior heading right at you.

1. Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
Face it. To this day, no weapon is impressive as this piece of pure lightning. Sure there may be better tanking weapons now, but this still stands in impressiveness. It’s proc weakened even the mightiest of raid bosses, and therefore was prized by many main tanks. Apart from that, it is probably the only one-handed weapon that surpasses most (almost all in fact) two-handed weapons in sheer size.

My guild NEVER EVEN ONCE got the Ashkandi to drop, but I did make a minor killing with wagers every week … 100 gold said the Ashkandi wouldn’t drop. And it never did. Thanks random!

Other posters made some good suggestions like Perdition’s, Baron’s mount, Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat, etc., however I’ll disagree — that damn Piccolo of the Flaming Fire is not iconic. It’s moronic.