Rags and a Rusty Dagger = Overpowered

Dunnnnn duh DUN DUN.

From the World of Warcraft happy joy joy forums re: a BlizzCon press conference, what do you suppose this means?

Q. Are drop rates from high end content too low, so much so that it’s not worth it to defeat the bosses?

A: Rob Pardo – The problem isn’t raid drops, it’s drops in other areas of the game. It wasn’t that not enough loot was dropping, it was that we were giving out loot in other areas that was too good. This PvP and Arena award iteration is our first pass, so we’ll be looking at that. We’ll continue to look at the balance between PvP and Arena loot and raid loot before the expansion.

Right now, there’s really not much PVP or Arena gear for me, but some day … who knows? I can’t keep up with you kids forever. Eventually I’ll have to slow down, get dropped from every decent raid guild on my server and accept the label C A S U A L. After that shame, must I run around World of Warcraft in rags with a rusty dagger too?!?!?!

13 thoughts on “Rags and a Rusty Dagger = Overpowered

  1. You know, I think Blizzard has realized that in the long run, it’s easier to develop content to keep PvPers and raiders playing, and are only paying lip service to casuals at this point. I don’t particularly blame them—maybe the fact that WoW has had such a long run lulled us into a false sense that a game could go on forever no matter what sort of player you are. I’m starting to just accept that eventually you have to move on to a new game.

  2. Pvp weapons are just way overpowered at the moment but the gear is suitably done imo. They just needed to retouch the dps of them rather than go completely overboard (97.6dps weapons for season two anyone?).

    Being able to pick up weapons that blow away anything up to Mount Hyjal from just 2 hours a week is kinda stupid imo.

  3. holy crap
    they finally got a nice difference between arena and raid gear where you HAD to do arenas to get good resilience gear, and you HAD to raid to get good gear for raiding. Finally they had some balance where raiders no longer ruled the BGs. (Weapons may cross over but they could just redesign them a little.)

    But now, it sounds like they want to lower the quality of pvp gear? To satisfy raiders?

    This is why I quit. It’s a “raid or die” game. I thought they were starting to at least try to change, I guess I was wrong.

  4. Eh, I’m not concerned. Someone will go after Pardo with rags and chloroform. From all indication from what I saw at BlizzCon, they want to mainly keep it the same as they did with BC.

  5. Well Bliz has already stated that S3 arena gear will not only have a point requirement but a rating requirement. This will prevent scrub teams from getting Hyjal quality weapons in 6 weeks.

  6. Noob question alert.

    Is it still possible to obtain S1 arena gear with S2 out? Heck more importantly, is it possible for a casual gamer to play in the arena and get any kind of gear at all? =\ freakin blizzards just driving me closer and closer to AoC with every announcement =(

  7. Acid,
    yes the S1 arena gear is still available, and they made it cheaper than it was originally. Arena’s are tailor made for casuals – you can get away with as little as half an hour a week. You can lose repeatedly and STILL get points.

  8. The reason they’re concerned is because you can exploit (if you have enough gold) the current arena system. 5 guys can disband and reform a team on a weekly basis, lose every single game maybe even win a couple and they’ll get decent points, around 400. I don’t think this is very efficient personally, but essentially you’re zeroing out your arena rating at 1500 every week. With that people were going in and 5-6 weeks later walking out with Merc Shankers and other arena weapons.

    The idea seems like they want people to get the arena gear with the purpose of doing better in arena, not doing better in raids.

  9. so long as I can actually see progression without having to play 4-6 hours a night like when I used to raid I’m content. I like the idea of getting arena gear to do better in the area. but not if it just turns into another form of raiding with a pretty name. /sigh Collage blows.

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