You have entered Lower Guk

From the World of Warcraft forums, some old EQ hags recount their shared suffering at the hands of EverQuest in the thread “You have entered Lower Guk“.

Thinking of Guk reminded me of when voice chat was in its infancy and the first time my EQ guild was together in voice. Soooo many guildmates were pronouncing EQ names improperly, even our own guild name they had wrong, and it was my pleasure to correct them: G-uh-k, NOT GOOOOK, fercrissakes.

Enough time has passed since the EQ days that I almost forget how truly awful it was at times.

3 thoughts on “You have entered Lower Guk

  1. ooh, i remember discovering that the daoc server “nimue” was actually pronounced “nim-uh-way” not “nim-yoo”. oopsie.

    hearing ppl actually pronounce the p in “pwn” was a source of endless entertainment for me as well. “yay, we pee-owned them,” made me grin a lot.

  2. I liked Guk, but it was possibly the most annoying going there all the damn time with my brother (who at the time was a mage early on), Buggy pathing routes were the cause of many a death in that place, along with trains and idiots.

    But I still do remember it with fondness, camping the FBSS (I think it was that… I’m getting old memory ain’t so good :P) for 32 hours straight for my monk. And then the epic part down there as well for almost as equal amount of time. As you can expect my familiarity with the zone and it’s inhabitants was quite well versed.

    I still prefered Chardok and more so Sebelis as a well designed dungeon.

  3. Right up until we quit (yes for realz this time!), my personal favorites were pwn-pronounced-poon and melee-pronounced-meelee. Oh and uh-rah-THEYE buh-SIN, poor guy never did live that one down.

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