Where in the WoW?

Where in Warcraft (07-27-07)

You will never get this one, or at least it will remain unsolved for a few hours. Maybe.

No Lord of the Rings Online screenshot this week — I haven’t been able to escape the WoW guild for a few weeks.

It’s a long story.

Ok, I’ll tell you one of the stories, not the BIG story, but one of the stories that amuses me a great deal lately.

There’s this guildmate of mine — female, confirmed via Ventrilo ONCE. She’s a quieter sort, rarely types in /guild chat, and as I said, she’s only spoken on Ventrilo in my presence once. She talks to other people on Ventrilo quite a bit and speaks to other guildmates in /gu occasionally. Never to me, however.

I’ve been living this life for a few decades so I get the impression this woman does not care for me or my personality. As hard as this would be for my mom to believe, there are people on this Earth who do not care for me. I’m cool with that.

We still have to work together, however, being guildmates and all. Guildmates of the same CLASS, I might add, therefore, we sometimes have to coordinate our responsibilities for raids. I’ll send a /tell asking if she would prefer to be in charge of Responsibility X or Responsibility Y and she’ll say … nothing. No response at all. I’m not on /ignore (yet, heh), she just won’t answer me. Ever.

Anyways, I’ve learned to work around this and raid life has moved forward.

Oh. Did I mention that she always has an in-guild boyfriend? Over the past year and a half she’s gone through four or more in-guild boyfriends. That’s an additional challenge of being guilded with her — there’s always some dude ready to take up her torch if there’s ever a problem. I’ve tried talking to the some dude to get answers about raid coordination or if they want to PVP with the guild group, etc., but there’s always this long pause while the dude consults with her and by the time the dude gets back to me, the boss is engaged so who the fuck cares now?

My guild uses a DKP system for the primo loot, but much of the marginal-upgrade loot is left to /random, because who has the energy anymore to maintain DKP for every little thing. Not us. So we /random out a lot of the not-quite crap loot. And as we’ve worked through some of the loot zones, there’s been occasions where two pieces of not-quite crap loot for our class drops and I’ll defer on some of the stuff or if I win the /random on one piece, I’ll defer on the second — as is appropriate between guildmembers.

Or, in our class chat channel, we discuss among ourselves which loot items we really want and which pieces we’ll let others take first. (Not her, of course, because I’m in the chat channel.) We’re all loot whores by virtue of human nature, but we’re trying to keep it under control. Since I have no fucking idea which pieces she wants, I’ll send a /tell to her saying something like, “Since I won that ring (or whatever), I won’t roll on the trinket (or whatever) if you want it.”

Then the entire raid sits around for 10 minutes because no one knows what’s happening with the second loot item. No lie. The loot master will ask if anyone is going to take that. He’ll ask me directly, I’ll say I told her to take it. He’ll ask her directly, he’ll ask the some dude directly — no one knows whatever will become of the last loot item because she won’t answer until she’s damn good and ready. Y’know, WTF.

The incident in question — a weapon dropped. A very good weapon, in fact, and better still, this bad boy is not locked down with DKP — it’s free to whoever gets the best /random. She /randomed poorly. I /randomed not so poorly. i.e. I win. I can hardly wait to try that nasty out on some Player v. Player. The guild congratulated my dice. I thanked the guild. And I waited for the weapon to be put in my inventory. And I waited. And waited. And waited.

Obviously there’s a problem and obviously it’s her. I assumed (correctly) that some dude was taking up her torch with the loot master and the shit and the fan are waiting in the wings to meet.

Finally, the weapon was put in my inventory and the second not-quite crap loot is open for /random, also for our class. I said in raid chat that I wouldn’t roll on the second piece and that she could have if she wanted. Her answer? She left the raid and hearthed from the zone, mid-raid.

So … that’s a no?

We finished the raid without her, all the while Some Dude is taking up her case of maltreatment at my hands with the loot master. And then later, while restocking in Shattrath, Some Dude is still pleading her case with the loot master. I am blissfully left out of the arguments, although I am amused.

The next day, the loot master asked if I could speak with Some Dude and try to resolve this, for the sake of guild tranquility. Because, by now, everyone knows she’s upset, or in tears, or what-the-fuck ever. I am blissfully unaware as they don’t speak to me. Ever.

I agreed. So I sent a /tell to Some Dude and asked if we could talk about this and work it out or I could talk to her, either way. Here’s him, after a ten-minute pause to consult with her offline because she didn’t log on that night in protest: I’m sure you know what’s going on and I have nothing to add to that.

Ok, pussy. (That’s what I wanted to say. I really just said Ok and went about my business.) Hey, I tried.

After that night’s raid, she logged on and the loot master asked me to talk to her directly — give it another try. So I did, can we talk about this, somehow work this out?

No answer. After 15 minutes, I tried again, similar self-humiliation type /tell, is there some way we can work this out or you can tell me what the problem is?

No answer. She sat in Shattrath for over an hour and she must have been very busy because she never answered.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’m about to have a lot of fun with this situation.

You’re right.

27 thoughts on “Where in the WoW?

  1. Good thought, but I can see her /gu chat to other not-quite-so detestable guildmates, so she’s not on my “I forgot all about you” /ignore list.

  2. Oh man, we (my old guild before my 8 month haitus) had a person like this. He’d never answer to the “everyone /random who wants this item” comments, and so loot would be distributed after waiting for him to not say anything for 10 or so minutes. Immediately after the “(insert name) receives (insert item)” comment, here comes Mr. Too Stupid to Roll, all up in arms about how he didn’t get a chance to roll, etc. etc… Luckily we didn’t have to worry about in-guild relations… Unluckily (is that a word?), we had to deal with other guild members all up in arms, rallying around Mr. TSR’s cause…

    Good god, people are stupid…

  3. See that’s how female gamers get a bad name. No dkp, you lose the /random. Get over it. I hate whiners.

  4. That shot is in Nagrand somewhere, the abandoned armoury building thingamy maybe?.

    Please tell us more of this strange woman.

  5. we have a hunter like that. never answers ANYTHING. i mean, he’s in vent, and we ask him something raid related and…. nothing. we ask in /ra or even /whisper. nothing. he doesn’t cause loot drama, but where do these anti-communication ppl come from and why would they want to play an mmorpg?

  6. Yeah, this has a familiar ring to it. I don’t know who I’d be more annoyed with, the moping girl or the e-whipped “boyfriend” and his attitude. Good luck and grats on your purps 😉

  7. @Balerion: Definitely the boyfriend. Everyone gets upset and overreacts about loot sometime, but it takes a special someone to get upset about someone else’s overreaction to loot.

  8. Oh yeah, Foton, work your magic here and get us a good resolution with a funny ending 🙂

  9. Off topic, but I re-enabled my Eve-Online account the other day and noticed an interesting Hostile in my friends list.

    (in eve, friends lists are used to track when hostiles log in and not. Not to keep track of your friends. Great, huh?)

    You’re not foton in Eve as well, are you? 🙂

  10. I’m suprised you’re being so mellow and tolerant about the situation Foton. I would be really hard-pressed not to be a dick if I was in your shoes.

  11. I have several guildmates on ignore, with the 100% knowledge of friends in guild who will let me know in the event they actually say something important. My favorite part about WoW’s ignore is how complete it is. That person simply cannot interact with you at all. Emotes, guild, say, yell, any channel you please. Bliss, pure bliss.

  12. I can SORT of sympathize with her as far as not getting the item. Obviously it wasn’t just a small upgrade in weapons if you’re dying to try them out in PvP. Why would you be itching to try out a very marginal upgrade. As such, it probably should have been a DKP loot system.

    Any sympathy I might have had for said person went right out the window when they refused to act like a normal, civilized human being. I hate the whole ‘I’m mad at you so I’m not talking to you’ when my wife does it to me in real life. In-game it really pisses me off.

    Someone said that this sort of thing gives females a bad name. I don’t think this sort of behavior is particular to females in WoW; however, I DO think that a male who acts in such a manner would be /gkicked as soon as he started pulling this kind of crap whereas a female is shown much more leniency. If anything, it reflects negatively on the men/boys who refuse to discipline a female on the small chance that they will get some attention from an actual female.

    Also, I usually see a lot of this passive-aggressive behavior from people who find themselves in high-end guilds but don’t think they’re really good enough to be there. As such, I’ve seen a lot of female players act this way because they got into the guild because they are female, rather than any skill they possess. I’ve also seen RL-friends-of-the-GM act like this as well as people who joined the guild in its infancy and haven’t learned the end-game as fast as the guild is progressing.

    If I were GM of your guild, I would enforce a civility rule. No one will have guildies on /ignore and will act like a normal adult when having a disagreement. Either the bitch acts like a big girl or she gets a nice /gkick. Besides, it’s not like rogues are hard to replace.

  13. Puhase got it right, it’s inside Karazhan’s Nightbane. DAMN YOU!!

    @Michael, I’m nobody in Eve, never got a chance to try it out. With the steep learning curve (reportedly), haven’t had the time to give it a good go.

    @Elbows, ya, I’ve given up on nice. I was nice the one day, now I’m over that nice crap. It’s really overrated too.

    @blachawk, it takes an Act of Congress to get booted out of my guild. I can’t remember the last time a female got booted, possibly they have permanent immunity. EDIT: Actually, I do remember the last time a female got booted. It was me that did the booting.

  14. Sorry, but as a fellow rogue, I’ve gotten a good look at those bones up close.

  15. Hey, if it was a random roll item and you won – she can take a leap. Lady Luck didn’t smile on her. It’s a game, she needs to get over it. These games are full of whackos.

  16. This reminds me of crap some pally pulled in Kara not too long ago. Random roll on some epic or other, he lost, and then he spent the next two pulls literally pouting in a corner. I kid you not, he walked his toon over to a corner, sat down, and pouted. No heals, no buffs, no nothing. This, of course, earned him the nickname Pally McPoutyPants.

    I can’t imagine why this twat is giving you the silent treatment. Maybe she’s heard of your blog and doesn’t wanna say anything retarded to you that you might publish later? (Can’t really say as though I blame her, if that’s the case…) Or, maybe she’s just doing it to irk you and get attention in the process? Who knows. She’s still a stain on the WoW landscape.

  17. The beauty of my guild is that one of the officers (a woman!) would have kicked that bitch and all her supporters out without any discussion explanation or farewell.

    Go train your gold digging profession and your lap dog pets somewhere else.

  18. “The beauty of my guild is that one of the officers (a woman!) would have kicked that bitch and all her supporters out without any discussion explanation or farewell.”

    Ahh, nothing like a queen bee to keep the ladies in line.

  19. Yeah, the uber-complete ignore is great. Sadly I feel incredibly bad using it on obnoxious guildies as I’m an officer specifically to help the GM handle some of the routine member care and feeding drama (and no, I don’t need to be told how incredibly stupid I was to take that job, I’ve figured it out at this point).

    That doesn’t stop me from putting some of the extra obnoxious people on mute in vent, which has lead to some rather amusing moments where I’ve just talked straight over whichever jackass is prattling on and I get like 3+ tells from folks who know I’ve muted him/her saying, “dude, he was actually just talking.” Fortunately this doesn’t matter because the folks I mute are generally too self aborbed to even notice. 😀

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