WoW Patch 2.2

Now available on the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm, Patch 2.2 — patch notes.

Rogues: Sap duration against PvP targets has been reduced to 10 seconds.


Goddamit. Where did that Developer Who Loves Rogues More Than Life Itself go?? He on vacation? I see that the Developer Who Conceptualized Lightwell And Will Defend Its Value To The Death is still at work, but where’s my rogue guy?

Actually, looks like everyone’s PVP crowd control abilities were dropped to 10 seconds, which is fair, but juggling two PVP targets in the battlegrounds was one of the few joys in my World of Warcraft life. Well, that and killing warlock pets.

10 thoughts on “WoW Patch 2.2

  1. Sap being reduced to ten seconds is a small sacrifice in order to get the ‘bug fix’ of pets breaking off their attack when you vanish.

  2. The following old-world factions have had their acquisition rate significantly increased: Cenarion Circle, Argent Dawn, Timbermaw Hold.

    Holy cow, does this make me happy. I’m just about about ready to start grinding those factions on my Priest tailor/enchanter – guess I’ll hold off a bit.

  3. Sap being reduced to ten seconds is a small sacrifice in order to get the “bug fix” of pets breaking off their attack when you vanish.

    Actually to be honest I’ve never really come across the pet bug thing in a long time, one because I play arena’s and two I only use vanish a way to stealth very quickly before I stun again :).

    So really our only form of Crowd control that has been nerfed for four patches running is nerfed again whilst other forms are left untouched as usual. Just like all of our other forms of immobilization it’s all been nerfed to hell meaning that rogues are far less use in pvp than ever before. What do I care? I only play my 5 man arena for a few measly points a week saving for some offhand to replace my blue sword (Latro’s ftl) that I’ve had for 6months.

  4. “So really our only form of Crowd control”

    You arena, and you describe sap as your only form of crowd control?

    You do have snares, blind, stun, and gouge that went unmolested.

  5. OMG “MY only form of cc.” Holy crap try being a Resto shaman with absolutly no crowd control what so ever. Not to mention my only real dps in the form of a fire elemental I cant even use in arena! Wow I wish i had half the cc that a rogue has!

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