This NPC from World of Warcraft must really like Thousand Needles to have commissioned a painting of the zone. And maybe if he cleaned those windows, he would have a nice view into … what zone?

Where in WoW (07-13-07)

They built this city on rock (and roll) in Lord of the Rings Online:

Where in LOTRO (07-13-07)

(I really hate that song, but everytime a guild officer gears up for a Ventrilo speech with “We built this guild on …”, I like to interrupt with “rock and roll?”. I’ll bet that’s really infuriating.)

3 thoughts on “Where?

  1. LOTRO screenshot is Ost Forod in Evendim. Kind of a creepy town, there’s approx a dozenish residents in this elaborate stone city. Where’d the rest go? A plague? Giant bugs? They never really say.

  2. Thought it had to do with the brigands around…

    That place has some decent Bounty quests and I recommend doing the 4 that can be found on the walls as wanted posters and then waiting til 38 to get the 5th. It leads to a nice piece of set jewelry.
    Has some nice +will and +vitality stats.


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