A recent project of mine in Lord of the Rings Online was investigating hunters, hobbits and noob life in The Shire.

Really, I just wanted an alt with my porn name.

Brott Sexyback

So ladies, if you’re looking for a hobbit who really knows how to party, you know who to /tell.

(Anyone else surprised that LOTRO hasn’t filtered S-E-X from naming? I was. FOOLS!)

8 thoughts on “FutureSex

  1. Well, there’s lots of legitimate words with sex in them. Essex, Sexton… uh… umm.. *headscratch* Yeah. Nevermind. That’s weird. They should know better.

    Party on, Brott.

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  3. The look on his face is just priceless.

    Now all you need is entrance music and a signature dance move.
    (Too bad /dance in LotRO is kinda blah, compared to other MMOs, unless they’ve changed it since the Beta.)

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