Cuppycake of Cuppytalk showed us Herspace and wants to see other blogger’s Gamespace.

Myspace, carefully annotated and cleverly anonymized because I didn’t cheat and vacuum right before the photo:

Foton Gamespace Annotated

What you don’t see: the aforementioned unvacuumed floor, 15 stacks of books and 4 stacks of CDs, 2 bags of camera equipment and the dog sprawled on the floor licking the subwoofer. (WHY? WHY?)

9 thoughts on “Myspace

  1. The stacks of books sound awfully familiar (looks around the room in dismay). But for us it’s the cats licking the corners of the room, or the fireplace bricks for god’s sake.

    My gaming space is extremely underwhelming, however: a cheap lap desk, a laptop, and a couch full of books.

  2. That a logitech headset that goes around behind the head, instead of over? Got one of those, was so uncomfortable that I ended up having to buy a different type.

  3. Ya, it is. I’m not entirely happy with it either but has good sound, both outbound and inbound.

    My favorite headset of all time was the free headset that came with Guild Wars. Open earphones, movable boom, very basic headset, looked like hell. Set was comfortable and had great sound until one day, I left it unattended, within reach, and the dog chewed all the foam and the cord.

  4. I’ve destroyed my share of headsets, finally arriving at a set from Plantronics. They don’t look like much style-wise, but they are built strong and just plain work.

    I think my kid chewed up the little foamy thing on some craptacular $20 Labtecs I used to have.

    My workspace here

  5. I have that same headset. It is rather uncomfortable after a while, but you’re right, the sound quality is pretty good. Generally though, I’ll sacrifice sound quality for comfort and just use a separate set of desktop speakers and a desk-stand mic. I have yet to find a headset I can actually tolerate for longer periods of time. I just don’t like having junk on my head, I guess.

    Nice “milk”, btw. Personally, I’d have to clear away empty Bud Light (shut up! I like it, and it’s cheap!) bottles before I ever posted a pic of my desk…

  6. Lassirra – looks like you upgraded your beer brand for the pic. And please, in the future, always have AFK Gamer on the screen for your photos. (I’ll pay DKP for product placement)

    Cuppy – umm no. Why do you ask? *shiftyeyes*

    Chico – my 2nd machine has that exact same case as your black tower. Mine doesn’t have a pink octopus on top, however.

  7. Too funny. My dog sits by the subwoofer as well and I don’t understand why, especially when I have the volume is high.

  8. haha my dog licks the speakers too. Why? I have no idea. He also likes to stretch in front of them and push them with his feet. And I don’t know how many headphones I’ve gone through – I only buy cheap ones now because of him.

    I had a Gyration mouse and keyboard combo, it is one of those mice you can hold in the air and move around – since I played on my hdtv at the time while I sat on the couch. And he chewed up the receiver. Apparently Gyration sells replacement keyboards, mice, replacement everything – except receivers.

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