And You Can Quote Them

I love this World of Warcraft thread, because I’m so easy to please. “Phrases you will never see on the WoW Forums” The original poster, Sekkite of the Nazjatar realm gives an example, ” PvE and PvP are perfectly balanced.”

Other good suggestions:

  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and choices, and I won’t try to impose what I think on them. (Also by Sekkite. Hey!)
  • You are absolutely right, I DO need to learn to play! Thank you 🙂
  • I see your point, you’ve made me change my point of view.
  • Please detail in point format the reasons why you are quitting. Be as concise as possible, I am taking notes which will be forwarded to a Developer this afternoon. Thankyou. (That’s an lol.)
  • I’m quitting WoW to go back to Vanguard.
  • That warlock obliterated me with pure skill.
  • We’re sad to announce that Tigole and Furor are pursuing other opportunities. Incidentally, we’re now hiring lead developers who will focus on providing content for the majority of the player base. (ouch. burn.)
  • All right, you got me. I don’t really have 9 kids, a supermodel wife, two doctorates and a high-paying executive position at a Fortune 500 company. But I do bathe sometimes.
  • That NE Hunter’s opinion is completely valid and should be taken seriously.
  • They’re taking their time over there. (The poster explains, “I doubt most forum goers could spell it correctly.”)
  • I don’t really have even a lay-person’s understanding of what it would take to add a feature to the game, so I’ll refrain from making any demands in that regard.

That last one is just anti-consumer!