7 thoughts on “Where?

  1. isn’t that like the queen of the elekks or something? standing on that ramp-like hill in SW nagrand? i dunno, i did those quests at warp speed with guildies and haven’t seen her since.

  2. Yes, that’s Tusker, Queen of the Ele-fantasymobname-phants, in Nagrand.

    And in LOTRO, that’s Fornost (the instance zone-in, as opposed to the Fields and the outside ruins). Gotta love ’em, there’s 42 billion group quests offered for Fornost.

  3. Fun fact. lots of players actually miss Fornost, and several times i have meet lvl 40’s grinding them thru pre quests while saying “wtf there’s a camp here?”

    Shitloads of quests outside, and a huge instance with the curiosity of an actuall Instance within the instance” even. I love the place

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