Black Horses are Nazgul-Only

Experiencing technical difficulties as of late — long story, made short and expletive-free: new graphics card is throwing off enough heat to contribute to global warming so my main machine is shelved until I can solve that. But good news! It’s a holiday weekend and I can use my holiday to deal with nerd issues. Computers continue to enrich my life in so many ways.

And kids, just because your computer is as hot as the sun, don’t use your graphics card to light a cigar for your friends’ amusement, because I’m pretty sure that would void your warranty. Here’s what I say: they can’t prove a cigar was anywhere near that card.

Anyways, I did pull a few screenshots off my demon machine to accompany a short guide to purchasing your very own horse in Lord of the Rings Online for 4 gold, 220 silver. (And what kind of a crazy world is Middle Earth, by the way, where 100 copper = 1 silver, but 1,000 silver = 1 gold??)

Sefarre has written a handy walk-through: How to buy a horse, including where to get the horse-riding quest and how to not fail in an embarassing manner in front of the 100 players at the horse farm.

Additionally, here’s the available colors, in both sizes — horses for the big boys and girls; ponies for the vertically challenged (dwarves and hobbitses):

Horse and Pony Colors 1

Horse and Pony Colors 2

(Clicky and All Sizes for larger versions)

Saddle and bridle are standard equipment. Reins, taxes, license, title fees, and insurance extra.

6 thoughts on “Black Horses are Nazgul-Only

  1. I’m estimating about a month before I’m 35. How difficult did you find it to make the money needed for your mount? I’m miserly in the Auction House and a gatherer, but I’m trying to decide whether or not to do a bit of side farming to make sure I’ve got the cash when mount time comes.

  2. I was a cheap bastard until lvl 35, didn’t die in instances a whole ton (i.e. huge repair bills), didn’t buy or sell anything on the AH (i.e. lazy) and I was at about 3 gold, 800 silver when I dinged 35. I spent an hour killing orcs and gobs for a deed and did a couple solo quests to get the rest of the cash.

    If I was smarter, I would have had the cash right away, but was easy enough to farm the rest.

  3. Good to know. Every time to go off to farm I seem to pick heavily quested areas. I’m at level 20 now and about to hit the 1 gold mark so I won’t sweat it too much. Unfortunately I’m apparently more skilled at dying than you are apparently. I’ll have to work out the difference there.

  4. From Chris: “Im at level 20 now and about to hit the 1 gold mark ”

    You’re ripe for the 1 gold buyout scam in the Auction House. Unscrupulous vendors will put a few hides up for sale for a small bid with a buyout of 1g 4s 20c, hoping you will jump at the seemingly low buyout without noticing the 1g kicker. If you have a gold then the buyout works, and you have no recourse.

    Hope Turbine adds an optional buyout confirmation window to the AH.

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