Ezra and his Flame-Throwing Crossbow

Touching story in The Orange County Register (please don’t call it The OC) yesterday, Blizzard makes WoW wish virtual reality, about 10 year-old Ezra Chatterton, aka Ephoenix level 70 tauren hunter. Ezra has a cancerous brain tumor, and with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he spent an entire day at Blizzard Entertainment headquarters designing a quest, NPCs and a crossbow to his liking and specifications.

WoW players should keep an eye out for Chatterton’s creations: the rare, flame-shooting crossbow, a quest from a graying Tauren named Ahab Wheathoof and his frenzied dog, Kyle. Blizzard will add Ezra’s changes to the game in the next four weeks.

Best wish ever.

8 thoughts on “Ezra and his Flame-Throwing Crossbow

  1. I am Ezra’s Grandma, and I want to tell everyone at Blizzard that they made a horrible situation fade for a day. They made this the best day in Ezra’s life. He now is facing extensive radiation and chemo and needs all the strength he can muster.

  2. I’m actually one of Ezra’s friends of course hes still in elementary now at next year im moving up to High School but while I was in elementary we had this gigantic science day project and I was in his group, to be honest he was in the genius group of his class, I first found out when my little sister who’s in his class told me but I’m glad Blizzard made his dream come true.

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