Shade of Aran Chant

If your guild is struggling with World of Warcraft’s Shade of Aran encounter, consider using this YTMND page as a training device: Shade of Aran Chant. Sing it with me!, cuz I know it’s stuck in your head now: I will not move when Flame Wreath is cast or the raid blows out.

5 thoughts on “Shade of Aran Chant

  1. With the reduction in duration of blizzard and the elementals losing 50% or more of their hp, this begs the question;
    Will you kill an elemental now?

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  4. All morning, as I upgraded Le Blog to version 2.0.10 whilst the ftp was timing out and corrupted files spawned everywhere, I was soothed by the Shade of Aran chant in my brain.

    Even now, as I go to the grocery liquor store, the chant will go with me, over and over, endlessly looping, until I’m involuntarily committed or deprogrammed.

    I sure don’t want the raid to blooOOOOOw out, so I won’t be moving when Flame Wreath is cast. No way, no how.

  5. that was our theme song at aran last night. must have worked because the druid on the terrible connection only blew the raid up (not out, btw) once this time.

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