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I have to go farm shards raid in World of Warcraft tonight, but, I clicked on the LOTRO shortcut accidentally, and here’s the answer to the WHEN?? WHEN?? question, from the LOTRO launcher:

Pre-launch Downtime: Tuesday, April 24 6:00AM Eastern

Apr 23, 2007 15:50 EST

Greetings everyone!

The LOTRO game servers will be brought down on Tuesday, April, 24th at 6:00 AM Eastern for a final bit of pre-launch maintenance and to remove the level cap in preparation for LOTRO to go live! We expect the downtime to last up to 4 hours, and look forward to seeing everyone in Middle-earth when the servers come back up! Thanks for playing!

Note: No additional patch notes anticipated for this downtime.

So ok then.

A Long-expected Party

A Long-expected Party

Sometime in the next 24 hours, the lights will go out on the Lord of the Rings Online beta and the switch will be thrown for the live version of the game.

I played in the closed beta several months ago, when the NDA was in place — I might have mentioned that before, I dunno — and the game then was … ok. Not terrible, but not particularly good either.

From my limited experience and observation, they’ve done a lot of work on this world since then. Looks polished enough to my eyes, but I’m not new to this either — I’ve learned not to expect perfection.

I chuckle when I hear (or read) that LOTRO is a World of Warcraft clone. I chuckle because doesn’t that mean the circle is now complete? LOTRO is a WoW clone, which is an EverQuest clone, which is a Dungeons & Dragons clone, which is a Lord of the Rings clone. Kinda. They’re all different, of course, but it’s still elves and orcs, dragons and swords.

In a few weeks, the first level 50s will appear in LOTRO and we’ll wonder HOW?? HOW?? and more importantly, WHY?? WHY?? There’ll be stories of bad manners and rumors of hacking. There’ll be arguments about which is the WORST server community (Brandywine, I hear), but all of the servers will be both horrible and pleasant. Mediocre comedians will /ooc for a Karazhan group or where to find Mankirk’s wife and we’ll all run to Rivendell to put our fingerprints on Elrond’s windows and highly polished floors, just because he seems the sort who would be really irritated by that.

If tomorrow will be your first exposure to Lord of the Rings Online, but not your first MMOG — fear not. Controls, game play, default bindings, bla bla, same as you’ve seen before.

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The Call on Lord of the Rings Online

I prefer journalizing, rather than reviewing, but so many have asked for my buy/no-buy call on Lord of the Rings Online (and LIVE date is next Tuesday, April 24th), I feel obligated to make a call.

The call: Buy.

Thanks! Have a good weekend!

If you’re the type who wants DETAILS, there’s more after the jump.

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