Stop Staring

I’m ok, you’re ok, they’re maybe not so ok.

I enjoy snooping around other Warcraft guilds’ recruiting forums for entertainment purposes. On the one hand, long and involved guild applications are hilarious, cuz they’re so damn stupid. On the other, the answers given can be both amusing and frightening.


Subject: l337 hardc0re dude — level 70 mangina Shaman

Reported real life age: 20

What’s the purpose of a DKP system? Answer – ” … It allows for people that show up to earn the right for items for others that are either to lazy to log on or just do not care enough to help the guild or play their class appropriately.” i.e. you people with young children or JOBS or other real life obligations are lazy or don’t care about your guild.

How many hours a week do you play WoW? Answer – “Im usually pretty much on all the time from 2 pm server untill 11pm server then i ahve to take a break to see my future wife for about an hour and then im back on untill 1 or 2 am.”

Sometimes, these MMO games are like a freak show. I shouldn’t stare, yet who among us can look away?

1 thought on “Stop Staring

  1. sick sick sick.

    i know a few ppl like this. their online life is phenomenal, but the reward for their labor is fleeting.

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