Strider is More Popular than The Beatles


Do you know how hard it is to get a screenshot of Strider (he, of Lord of the Rings Online, et al, fame) with the 3,000 players milling about in his room? I’m sure you can imagine. After ten minutes of wasted screenies, I had to settle for a shot with just one immovable tourist. (Hi, Greywyn! You’re almost famous.)

Strider keeps his door locked, but the innkeeper is giving out the key to just about any Legooolaas or Phrodoh who asks for it. Real security problem at The Prancing Pony, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Important Online Gaming Etiquette Rule: When visiting a famous virtual character, take your snapshots quickly, then step out of the way so that others can have a turn. It’s just like getting snaps of Mickey at Disney World — take your shot and get out.

If you are touring LOTRO in the open beta, or de-noobifying yourself for the approaching live date, here’s a few links I ran across on my journey through the learning curve:

TITLES!!! I don’t know how complete that site is, but it appears keylogger-free and content-rich at the moment. Also, “The Undefeated” is no longer available to me. (stfu.)

Here’s a LOTRO forums thread with song compilations for your in-game instrument, including some suggested key bind remappings to place the available notes more appropriately for real musicians.

And, one thread to rule them all: Reference Links for LOTRO Players, which includes naming guides (apparently Legooolaas is frowned upon), some .ini file fixes, crafting whatnots, and tips on setting up the built-in voice chat system.

9 thoughts on “Strider is More Popular than The Beatles

  1. Foton the defeated? Hrhr, welcome to the club.

    I had 3 chars and never got that title. Guess what? All three times were a stupid wipe of a pug caused by a rather retarted one in this freakin goblin castle in the very south of Thorins…
    aloha Lotro senza beta!

  2. I’m being really careful with my guardian. I want “The Undying” and others as you level up. I’ve heard there’s two or three more above “The Undefeated”.

  3. Lost the Undefeated title line? How did ya do it? Personally, I lost it by falling to my death. I knew there was a limit to how high you could fall without dying. I fought my way through waves of goblins to get to the top of Axe Head Path. Once there, I looked down at the respawn and said “Screw That”. In my laziness, I took a dive off the cliff and, to my horror, splattered on the side of it. BTW, water in this game DOES NOT break your fall. It’s as hard as concrete. Maybe Middle Earth needs some water softeners added to its lakes and streams or maybe cliff diving into a pool of water is only for the HARDCORE.

  4. My sympathies! Both the avatars who have made it to 10 thus far lost their chance at The Undefeated due to bad pulls; of my three remaining, one didn’t even manage The Wary, so I suspect I shall not be finding out if there are successors to Undefeated. My husband actually threatened to reroll after our untimely deaths, but so far neither of us have succumbed.

  5. If you want pictures clean of the fellowship, head to Rivendell now before it gets jammed packed. Last night I got my picture taken with Gandalf and Elrond, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Boromir, and Aragorn.

    I couldn’t find Legolas and Gimli, I’m guessing they were out getting their records straight before 10 million teenage boys steal any feasible combination of their names…

  6. Those titles are just a measure of who goes the longest without crashing in a bad spot.

    I made it to 15 a couple times sans death, but with the cap in place it’s just a matter of time until you buy the farm if you’re mining around mobs 5+ levels above you.

  7. Whew, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who was pushing for the title and already lost it. In the early BETA I got it on all my toons and wondered and the noobness of those that didnt get it. This time I realized a bit too late that my chosen class had been “balanced” and no longer operating on God-mode when I rushed the same three Blackwould I’d done countless times before but this time, oops, I ended up dead! I was shocked and pissed. I thought about starting over so I could garner my title then figured, screw that. I’ll get it on my alt.

  8. I was the proud owner of Ghiest the undefeated, but tried to take on a group quest at 15 or so er…

    Although I do like Fur-cutter title 😛

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