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This WoW poster and I agree on this: the WoW forums are the ideal place to seek legal advice.

Puddle, level 12 trolling alt of the Shattered Halls realm, wrote in “Acct hacked and im gonna sue”:

Does anyone have any advice for me a guy hacked my wow acct and it was my bank toon, we lost 100s of hours of play time.

1} Has anyone ever sued a person for hacking there acct

2} should I file the police report first or not

3}I know in the police report there needs to be a fraud charge so they cantt bankrupt out any other helpfull hints

4}we are going after this guy in court if you have any helpfull ideas please post

*points to the “Please Don’t Feed the Lawyers” sign.*

(Six sentences and not a one is correct. Sad.)

5 thoughts on “Nerd Rage

  1. Well if he lived in Korea maybe he could, but sadly I think that mangled mess of the English language is a product of the American school system.

  2. Oh and what’s the big frikkin deal, you put in your ticket you wait however long get your stuff back.

  3. There is definitely cause for action, unfortunately for the poster it would be small claims. Good luck getting the authorities and Blizzard to cooperate, track down the guy, and serve him with a summons.

  4. We have had about 3-4 accounts hacked in the guild, each one has just contacted a gm and rolled with the punches. Taking it to court to only get laughed at and paying stupid court costs is just, well stupid.

    In the immortal words of black adder,

    “Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.”

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