10 thoughts on “Rogues and Alchemists Rejoice!

  1. The glancing blows reevaluation, from what Tigole has said seems to help out fury warrior rage generation more than it does overall rogue dps. Yes, the damage reduction sucks and it will be nice to see a bump up in white damage. However, glancing will still mitigate a fair amount of our white crits and is still a pretty massive nerf from the way it was previously dealt with by weapon skill.

    And they are finally making the change with sweeping strikes and cleaving. I would understand if elite raid mobs would give some sort of indication that they were about to cleave/whirlwind and give you more than a heartbeat to move out of range. But between almost no chance for reaction and the inevitable cleave chaining from the slower members of your group, you couldn’t last. Now, how about some more fights where melee has the dps advantage? (Other than Shade).

  2. The whole Consumables paragraph reeks of nerfage.

    If the changes were positive, he wouldn’t cloak it – he’d be open about it and say “we’re improving Alchemy this way.” Just reading between the lines, it looks like that he’s cloaking bad news under the blanket term of “changing/changes” – but not all changes are good.

  3. The most popular rumor I’ve heard has been that elixirs and flasks will no longer stack. You’ll also be unable to have more than one elixir up at at time. Sadly, it sounds just like Blizzard.

  4. The non-stacking of elixirs and flasks seems likely based on blue comments earlier that I cannot now find [damn forum search].

    And it’s not the removal of tedium for alchemists that Blizzard is after, it’s the removal of tedium from everyone else that had to farm all the mats to make them for every leading edge boss encounter. By capping what you can use, and then tuning the bosses for that, Blizzard caps what you need to farm. Sadly for alchemists earnings, they also cap demand.

  5. Perhaps the change to alchemy will be a drop in mat requirements for the pots made.
    It would make more sense to just drop the amount of mats needed for flasks/elixers, raise the respawn rate on some of the high end herbs.
    I do not mind having to use flasks and pots for a raid. However, alchemist ability to mass produce these pots is what bothers both raid progression, and alchemy income.
    If this process is remedied, elixirs/flasks can be made easily enough so that they can be used during a run.
    As it stands right now the cost of elixirs and flasks are too high on most servers.

  6. Making Anchient Lichen ONLY drop inside a small number of instances that most top tier raid guilds never visit was an awesome idea IMHO. I think needing 20 per flask for the tanks is the BEST designed part of tBC raid game.

    Seriously, no joking, I love running Slave Pens on off-raid night to farm the mats for flasks. Its the ONLY thing I want to do with my free time. I dislike fun ALOT, and this mechanic is most definatly working as intended.

  7. The most popular rumor I’ve heard has been that elixirs and flasks will no longer stack. You’ll also be unable to have more than one elixir up at at time. Sadly, it sounds just like Blizzard.

    Other strong rumours persist that Elixir’s will now last through death to stop the massive amount of use of them. Just last night I sunk 200+ gold into our Gruul runs. Also rumours of the flask material cost coming down, upping of the herbalism nodes and herbs per node as well have been mentioned.

    If they DO stop them stacking this wont stop much of the cost, elixirs still cost a shit load just means flasks will double in price and will solve absolutely nothing, along with almost all the high end encounters having to be retuned for it … which is why I think it wont happen.

    Just my 2cp 🙂

  8. Hmm, mixed blessings us alchemiholics. Yeah grinding mats is a pain, but when you can sell a flask for 80-90g, and all you had to do was fly around all Saturday morning waiting for the goddam Mana Thistle to re-spawn, and you got a x4 proc off your Flask, it’s well worthwhile 🙂
    I suppose my own idea would be to remove the ability to sell raw materials – gets on my nerves to be faced with Terrocar Forest completely devoid of herbs cos some gimboid who doesn’t have alchemy has farmed them all and is selling them for insane amounts on the AH. This is, I know, totally impractical and goes against the whole economy idea, but would be nice. I like the idea of improved spawn times and improved nodes though – that will make things easier I hope.

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