The Two Sisters and a Gaming Safety Lesson

If your World of Warcraft guild is like my World of Warcraft guild and you too have spawned multiple “guilds that hate your guild” (as well as numerous players who wouldn’t piss on you if your heart was on fire), then you should be aware that the recently beta’d armory can be a valuable tool in tracking your enemies.

I spent my morning coffee time surfing down some of our former guildmates — because I hope life is treating them … well.

The Emo Tank — Last I heard, he had server transferred and was thinking of transferring back oh! if only we’d take him back. (Umm no.) What I hadn’t heard, he name changed, or deleted in a fit of emo-ery, because there’s no level 60+ warriors with his character name ANYWHERE. And this is why I hate name changing in MMO games, people can fly under your radar. You are completely unprotected.

It’s remarkably easy to do in WoW, no GM approval necessary, although it will cost you unless your server is on deck for free character transfers: Create same-named character on your target realm, apply for transfer, your character will be flagged to change the name — POOF! You’re under the radar.

So now, Emo Tank could be back for all I know and preparing for his assault.

There’s three other players I can think of that server transferred after brief drama fits: the guildbank-stealing rogue (not our guild bank, some other hapless guild — Read re: The guildbank thief) and The Two Sisters.

Guildbank thief, I already knew he name changed so I have no means of tracking him down. There’s no real danger from him since we haven’t guilded any new rogues for … months, nor will we for … months.

So anyways, The Two Sisters. That’s a long story.

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