Armory Griefing

I’ll start by saying this is just wrong, but after I saw the level 70 WoW warlock with the +healing necklace, even though I know it’s wrong of me, I laughed. Armory Challenge! Find the worst player EVER. I don’t know if they’ve started coding the opt-out system for the armory yet, but it’s a foregone conclusion they’ll have to, and since the harassed will claim they weren’t aware of the opt-out, might as well revamp the entire armory as an opt-in and be done with it.

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  1. We recently had an issue with a guild mage who didn’t even hit top 5 on the dmg meters. I mean, we understand if you get beaten by a percentage or two by the shadow priest or even the lock getting bumped up by said priest, but losing to the hunter and elemental shaman by more than 5%…things were getting out of hand. So the raid leader asked me to take a look at his Armory profile and give him some points in how to improve.

    His gear is decent, around 750 spelldmg with somewhat low crit (first sign of trouble). Next I see that he is a member of all 3 types of arena teams and they are ranked decently (reddish flag). And then I see his spec and all becomes clear, 28 fire 33frost. Ice block, Cold Snap, Ice flows, Ice Barrier, and the kick, Blazing Speed. Absent anything like Frost Channeling, Piercing Ice or even Imp Scorch.

    The confrontation occurs and he gives BS excuses until he admits that the arena teams he is on are relying on him. My message, its pvp or raid buddy, enjoy riding the bench. Which then results in a 10 minute long tirade about how we shouldn’t be going behind people’s back with Armory. Personally, I love the feature.

  2. Meh. Catch my feral Druid when I’ve logged out in my healing gear (keeping three sets of gear is a bitch on bag space, but I need armor/sta/def for tanking, str/agi/atk for grinding and int/heal/mp5 for backup healing) and you’ll get quite a laugh.

  3. I’ve had more than one person laughing at my shield talents and I’m up holding a book (yes! a book! I’m a real pally now!!) to go with my clothadin shoes and hat.

    Why do people assume that, because our talents are now (involuntarily) on display, they have to go and look and give their lengthy arguments about how stupid your spec is.

    Although I can understand using it for raiding, keeping an eye on the less efficient members, if you’re supposed to be filling a role you clearly havent specced for.

    But I’m not raiding yet, gief fun tiems plx!

  4. I guess that’s one of the fun things I like about my guild. We don’t really care what a person’s spec is as long as they are having fun.

    We’ve never asked a member to respec, but it works out anyway since most of our raiding types will spec in to a raiding spec anyway. It’s the same thing I did pre BC, was beast spec up till 60, about my second time in to MC went, well this aint gonna work and went to MM. Doing the same thing now at 70 (went back to BM pre release). Though I am holding out on the respec from BM for a little longer this time around (it’s just too good a setup for grinding/solo).

  5. In Karazhan we were wiping left right and center for some reason, I first thought it was the warriors not doing their job well enough and letting the priests die horribly. So I take the warriors to one side and have a few choice words, everything seemed fine.

    So next step was I remembered your nice post about the armoury so I went to check out the warriors and priests, Turns out our priest had holy/disc spec but neglected to spec into Silent resolve (less threat generated per spell/heal), I kindly (with a few choice swear words) ask him to respec and when he comes back we proceed to kill the next 5 bosses without a glitch. Co-incidence? I didn’t think so either.

  6. As happy as I am about being able to bitch about all my guildmates talents, I feel this whole ‘inspect’ era has gone a little too far. I’ll bet in three years we will be able to monitor other peoples characters online, as they play.
    That’s what I’m supposed to say, or else I can’t maintain my Fuck-The-Man image^^
    I think this feature is just brilliant, so far I’ve gotten alot of our mages to spec fire (teh fuck where they doin with Ice Block anyway?), got our crappiest warlock to specc around Ruin/NF, and so on and so forth, I am forever the wiseass!

  7. Oh, and @ Random Poster, a little theorycraft has shown that if your pet is active, it is actually better to specc BM. Problem is, a lot of bosses just pwns pets.

  8. I log out in my RP gear whenever I can remember just to f*** with people 😀

  9. Wow Ghiest, ur badazz wit all ur swearz!

    Seriously, pulling people aside with “choice” words and a few “swear words”. I think I just sprained my eye sockets from rolling them too hard. Enjoy your power trip!

  10. Priests die without silent resolve because Blizzard in its INFINITE WISDOM gave paladins innate 40-50% threat reduction on healing, and made fade a USELESS NON-SCALING STUPID spell in the endgame.

    I have to get at least 4 points in silent resolve because it’s NECESSARY FOR RAIDING, due to RETARDED talent trees and base design decisions for holy priests that make me want to gouge out my eyes and feed them to my cats.

    Say goodbye to another healing priest.

  11. Apparently healing is supposed to be miserably painful unless you’re a Paladin. Ironically, I quit playing my Paladin a year ago because I was tired of being a healbot.

  12. Former 60 raiding paladin, 60 shaman and 70 priest here.

    Healing sucks in WoW, period, but it gets worse the larger the number of health bars you must stare at all night.

    So yeah, I can definitely understand why you got sick of it.

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