The Priest as Destroyer of Guilds

I wasn’t going to post this World of Warcraft thread because I’m trying to be Mr. Sensitive-Gamer this week, but some of the replies are too humorous to let pass: WoW is destroying my relationship! (Ya, I know. Get in line, buddy.)

Flash, level 6 posting alt of the Shattered Halls realm wrote:

I started playing this game around 2 years ago, my fiance was always !@@%%ing about it. till one day I she finally sat down to play (on my account, sorry blizz)
She loved it so much that she went out and got a new computer, and the game.

We started playing together, joined the same guild. then we had a disagrement about an item. (we are both warriors)

She went as far as transfering servers and changing names. . “We are cool and all, and I love you” she said, “but Idont want to play with you”

She is having “to much” fun chatting with her new guildies. 🙁

She plays around 16 hours a day on her days off. I dont see her anymore.
and she has gained a few pounds, her hair is a mess, and she dresses in sweats now?

Damn 🙁 I feel like crying

any advice?

Today’s winner of the Internet, Reply #11 by Listen, level 6 posting alt of Kul Tiras:

Do what thousands of women have done when their man chooses WoW over a healthy relationship.

Roll a priest, join her guild, and create drama.

That actually explains alot about some of the healers in my guild.

The Return of the Sister

In yesterday’s episode of “How in the World (of Warcraft) did we find these Nutjobs?”, my guild tagged two (RL) sisters into our ranks — the good sister was a pleasant guildmate and solid raider; the evil sister used the guild like a At least we weren’t being used for loot, as is more typical.

No. Wait. Well shit, we were being used for fast loot too.

After roughly two weeks of creeping weirdness (emphasis on creep), another raid day arrived: the sun was shining, and Ironforge’s Myra Tyrngaarde had fresh bread for sale as the gaming witching hour arrived — which we now know is between 5:00 am and 6:00 am, server time. The gaming witching hour, you might recall, is that time of the day when players desiring to leave their guild, log on for a quick /gquit (guild removal) so they don’t have to offer explanations or long speeches.

I’m not sure which I prefer: the long speeches (omg, just leave already) or the wordless /gquits (wtf?).

The two sisters logged into the game, /gquit, and then the hunter-sister (the would-be wife of the perfect man) made a short post on our guild boards thanking us for the fun, wishing us well, and please visit her Myspace, in case we had missed the addy the first 25 times she posted it. Again, I trampled a gnome warlock in my haste to check her Myspace for new glitter icons and flashing banners glamor shots.

That night, before the raid, there were whispers of some “issues” that had DRIVEN the sisters from our happy family. I love issues. Wherever there are issues, there also is a good story. I resolved to seek out this story for myself and attempted to add the two sister’s character names to my WoW friends list … for investigative purposes. Not stalking, INVESTIGATION.

Well, well. Invalid player names/players not found. In other words, for the non-WoWs in the audience, those player names no longer exist on my server because they applied for server transfers earlier in the day. Interesting.

I reported my findings to selected officers, known for their unnamed sources, and returned to raid preparation. Word came back that the two sisters left the server because one of our gnome warlocks was “harassing” the hunter-sister. Orly? asked me. Yarly, said they.

I’m. Not. Buying. It.

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