Blade’s Edge To Suck Slightly Less!

Unique in concept, horrible in implementation, Warcraft’s Blade’s Edge Mountains will soon have another graveyard added to prevent some of the 15-20 minute runs back to your corpse.

In other news, there have been rumblings about Priests receiving a magical new ability that will fix all of their problems. Knowing Blizzard, my guess is that “buff” will be the removal of the holy tree (Sorry to Priests everywhere).

The Nerf Bat Cometh..

WoW patch 2.0.10 is poised to piss off quite a few people. Apparently unable to learn from their past mistakes, Blizzard continues to bend us over without lube (I’m sorry Druids). A slew of items are also being hit with the nerf bat, without warning, of course. Due to the absurd lack of bag and bank space in this game, many people have long since sold or disenchanted items which will now be superior to the items they kept. Thanks Blizzard!

Even Sony realized the folly of retro-nerfing items, and simply allowed the people lucky enough to get the more powerful version to keep theirs, and everyone else would be able to receive the weaker version. It’s not the players faults for obtaining something they put into the fucking game in the first place. This game is a major time investment, even for casuals, and every time you fuck around with changes, you fuck with all of our time spent.

Wake the hell up Blizzard, and stop punishing us for your mistakes. This game is supposed to be fun, and in your inane quest for the perfect “balance” your devs seek, you seem to forget that from time to time.

P.S. To anyone who posts QQ or something similar, you’re not clever. You’re a cockstain.