11 thoughts on “Updated 2.0.10 Patch Notes

  1. One of the main ones that gets me is the Thunderfury nerfing of aggro, TF wielding warriors were about the only ones that were still worth a damn at maintaining aggro, and now they nerf that.

  2. Good luck leveling a rogue. You are the bottom of the food chain of WoW classes. DPS that is currently matched by hybrids and easily outdone by classes that require way less maintenance, with everything now cleaving and AOEing the shit out of you. I should know that, I’m there.

  3. Not levelling-with-intent-to-raid. Just as something to do. Just for a little thing called fun :p

    Inbetween healbotting by pally ofc.

  4. Using a pally healbot is definitely the way to go. I got 60 in under three days /played with my mage just using really ghetto AE. Run in and aggro 8 or 9 mobs and just arcane explosion till death, drink, rinse repeat all while getting chain heals from my pally on the second PC.

  5. with everything now cleaving and AOEing the shit out of you.

    Heh i’ve noticed that to on my Hunter. Going to force me to respecc back from BM to MM, which sucks as I have the most fun as BM spec, but cleave/AoE = death for my pets no matter how much they were buffed.

    The Druid nerfs don’t surprise me that they happened (c’mon everyone knew it was coming in some way shape or form), but the amount did.

    Priest nerfs I dunno, I know since just before BC and after I can count on one hand the number of healing specced priests I had grouped with. But as i’ve never even rolled a priest I can’t comment on the changes much. All I know is an unhappy healer=dead me .


    This is the same issue just about every MMO has ever had where if you balance for PvP you screw PvE and viceversa. They just need to make seperate skill sets for PvP and be done with it. Make ’em so they only work on PvP flagged people or something , hell I dunno just quit cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  6. Drood of the feral nature here, I was never overly concerned about my performance in PvP because I don’t often solo-PvP.
    The bear health and armor nerfs are minor. I’ll probably lose 1.5k armor and 1k health total. That doesn’t bother me much, I tanked fine when the gear I had only brought me up to 11k armor, and now that I’m up to 16k, I’m sure I’ll do fine when it’s reduced to 14.5k.
    What does bother me is the loss of damage will equate to the loss of threat, making it harder to tank, when I already have problems keeping aggro off of those freaking fire mages and shadow priests.
    Everyone I party with compliments me on what a good tank I am and how tired they are of dual-wielding fury warriors trying to tank for them. Is this nerf going to destroy my viability as a tank? That’s what worries me.

    I mean, I sure as hell don’t want to throw heals to some asshole fury warrior who’s not gonna pick up aggro on me when I heal him.

  7. don’t get me started on duel weilding fury tanks.

    especially ones who simultaneously ‘didnt know they were tanking’ (had a drood in party but catform at that time) AND ‘was trying to keep the aggro off everyone else’.

    erm… yes.

    with threat reduction nerf, I am confident that shadow priests will be the best new tanks. -15% dmg taken for the win, its enough, trust me.

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