(Yet) another (newish) social networking site for gamers: Rupture. From the site: “Rupture connects you with the real people you play with online. Rupture allows you to automatically publish your character and guild profiles, share pictures, chat with friends and recruit new people to play with.” Currently in friends & family beta, requires a client install to link with your game stats/activities, only supporting World of Warcraft at the moment (more planned in the future) — looks like a ramped-up profiler.

Which could be nice, except I don’t want anyone seeing what it’s my bags (still have some snowballs and preserved holly in there — holly can’t be used on flying mounts, by the way. I already tried) and especially not my bank.

I’m something of a poor talker in game — “No, I’m sorry I can’t lend you 500 gold, I barely have enough for repairs. Who are you again?”

6 thoughts on “Rupture

  1. I had someone in Ironforge bum me for 2s. “Can you give me 2s please?” I figured it was some sort of scam to get 1G or something, so I actually gave them 2s.

    The beggars that are driving me nuts are the ones that want me to plow instances for them. “Can you run me through SM?” Hell no, if I’m gonna plow for anyone it’s gonna be a guildie.

  2. “holly can’t be used on flying mounts, by the way. I already tried”

    THANKS for clearing that up! I wondered about that every time I caught sight of the holly in my bags!

    Shame really. The flying versions should have a little sleigh behind them and everything.

  3. So the best part is that when my Warlock who is always equipped in top tier raid gear and Azeroth’s finest is walking around, I get very few whispers for anything…

    The second I log onto my poor-as-nails Warrior, still riding a 60% mount, green gear from head to toe, the tells start rollin in..

    Somenoob whispers, “Can I borrow a few Gold for my skilz?”
    /w Somenoob Sure thing, please have your attoney arrange a meeting to draft the documents for your repayment with interest and identify which property you will be collateralizing.
    Somenoob is ignoring you.

    I think it has something to do with the period of time where warlocks treated people whispering them for summons like shit, and now the population is scared to ask us for anything…

    …good thing too, because I would most definatly treat them like shit.

  4. There’s someone who joined the guild I’m in not that long ago who annoys me from time to time (we’ll call him I’mGreat). One day, someone in the guild is chatting randomly about the progress toward the money they’ve made toward their mount (we’ll call him MatureKid) and I’mGreat starts bragging about how he can make 500g in just a few hours.

    Me: “Hey, aren’t you the guy who was asking to borrow 750g yesterday toward their flying mount?”

    I’mGreat: (long pause) “I only ended up borrowing 250.”

    (general laughter all around.)

    MatureKid ended up getting loaned 300g that he didn’t ask for (and actually argued against borrowing ’cause he didn’t want to take someone else’s money). As for I’mGreat, sadly he’s still in the guild, but I can’t resist those occasional pokes when he leaves himself wide open like that.

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