Blade’s Edge To Suck Slightly Less!

Unique in concept, horrible in implementation, Warcraft’s Blade’s Edge Mountains will soon have another graveyard added to prevent some of the 15-20 minute runs back to your corpse.

In other news, there have been rumblings about Priests receiving a magical new ability that will fix all of their problems. Knowing Blizzard, my guess is that “buff” will be the removal of the holy tree (Sorry to Priests everywhere).

5 thoughts on “Blade’s Edge To Suck Slightly Less!

  1. Nah.
    Upon casting it allows you to convert your priest to any of the other classes, at the same level with similar gear umm T0? T1? ok so the gear wouldnt work.

    I can but hope!

  2. Speaking of Blade’s Edge… Love me that Toshley’s Station! I also love the unusual nature of many of the quests. But all the running around is a pain in the freaking ass.

  3. Are they upping the droprate on some quests? That’s what made me leave there. Quests that had lots of mobs available, 100% droprate. The rarer the mob you need, the lower the droprate.

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