The Nerf Bat Cometh..

WoW patch 2.0.10 is poised to piss off quite a few people. Apparently unable to learn from their past mistakes, Blizzard continues to bend us over without lube (I’m sorry Druids). A slew of items are also being hit with the nerf bat, without warning, of course. Due to the absurd lack of bag and bank space in this game, many people have long since sold or disenchanted items which will now be superior to the items they kept. Thanks Blizzard!

Even Sony realized the folly of retro-nerfing items, and simply allowed the people lucky enough to get the more powerful version to keep theirs, and everyone else would be able to receive the weaker version. It’s not the players faults for obtaining something they put into the fucking game in the first place. This game is a major time investment, even for casuals, and every time you fuck around with changes, you fuck with all of our time spent.

Wake the hell up Blizzard, and stop punishing us for your mistakes. This game is supposed to be fun, and in your inane quest for the perfect “balance” your devs seek, you seem to forget that from time to time.

P.S. To anyone who posts QQ or something similar, you’re not clever. You’re a cockstain.

28 thoughts on “The Nerf Bat Cometh..

  1. You should see the rioting in the priest forums. The beaten housewife class of WoW finally couldn’t take it anymore and picked up the frying pan. Massive blue activity/thread locking/thread deleting in the offical priest forums, Riots in Warsong, Sunscale, and Dentrang, 3-day bans, posts on wowinsider and lum’s site, it’s been impressive.

    What was it that Foton always says? Don’t mess with the priests and hope they don’t burn out?

  2. Why in god’s name haven’t they added a static buff to lightwell? There are like at least 5 good options for a 5-10 minute buff upon clicking of lightwell. Such as:

    -health/5 effected by +healing
    -Healing done to the target increased by +80(or around there)
    -reduces physical dmg taken by 75 per hit
    etc. etc.

    At least make it as good as the cooking buffs.

    And hey, on the plus side I’ve heard about quite a few warriors dusting off the plate…

  3. Speaking as an oldtime EQ player I can remember many item nerfs. Here’s some old gems:

    Guise of the deciever – given a cast time (ok this was to stop exploits, and we did get to keep it, and it still worked.)
    Manastone – stopped from working in plane of fear (and later added content it would not work in either.)
    The Teror Forged Mask (pre-nerf it would cast Call of Bones, basically transforming you into a skeleton where you slowly lost health and gained mana, which was incredibly powerful for a class that could then convert than mana back into health.) Post-nerf it became a worthless item.

  4. Well i guess the idea behind these nerfs is simple, its an incentive for players that have reached level 70 (within a month and a half i may add), already have the flying mount and were happy with their gear to go out and get new gear, thus having a goal in the game…

  5. Frag,

    Aside from a few items before Sony learned their lesson, they left the “overpowered” version people already acquired alone and only nerfed new drops. Blizzard just nerfs it and player be damned.

  6. Though I be a mildly annoyed druid (looking at it from the perspective of hey, at least it isn’t what launch day druids used to be), I feel more for the priests – goddamn Blizz, why would you make healing classes LESS DESIRABLE to play?

    Quit fucking up the healing classes and make them more interesting to play, damn your eyes!

  7. With stuff like mana stones and the old guises, at the time only a handfull of people had them on each server (me being one of the lucky ones who had manastone on my shaman :D), but when you consider allot of this equipment is had by millions …

    But their itemisation is still a big joke really, with big holes in itemisation and the epics not being so epic at all .. infact I think that’s why that allot of them were nerfed to make the epics look, well epic 😀

    On the side of warriors/priests, how often do you see a group looking for dps, now compare that to how many you see spamming in shatrath about needing a healer/warrior.

  8. Hahahahahhahaha.

    I don’t know anyone who disagrees that priests as a healing class need buffing, and the only thing when they do touch them is to nerf the one desirable spec they do have? GG blizz!

    Shows how much they pay attention really. Probably listening to the people still QQing about how overpowered shadow priests are.

    Hehehheehehehe, this is gonna have me giggling all day.

  9. As a hunter, I consider what they’re doing to the Crystalfoged Axe (-50 str, +50 sta) an enhancement. But I can see why a warrior might be a tad bit disappointed. 🙂

  10. The Prayer of Mending nerf is just so wrong. Everyone knows whatever buff Blizz has in store for priest is going to be lackluster at best. We’ll be lucky if we don’t actually get nerfed again. At least my warrior main got buffed a bit.

  11. Given that I’ve been playing a feral Druid for the last year and a half, I think my opinion of the ass-reaming I’m about to receive can be inferred.

    But hey, at least that healing gear I’ve been saving up will be useful when the priests all quit in disgust.

  12. Retro-nerfing items should be last resort, worst-case scenario type adjustments. Players make important virtual-currency and time decisions based on item stats — changing those stats after the fact is cruel.

    But I’m preaching to the choir. Any PLAYER knows that.

    I said last week in one of the comments that holy priests and warriors needed a boost. I stand by that comment. But what I should have realized, if I had been wearing my Poindexter-Dev hat, this would translate to nerf shadow priests and nerf bear tanks.

    That “nerf holy priests!” (aka Prayer of Mending) is coming out of nowhere. Fuck them. That has the same old stink that many WoW nerfs have had — PVP balancing is driving the PVE balancing.

    There is so much wrong with the disc/holy priest right now, especially in comparison to paladin healers, we could spend days with anecdotes and detailing issues. That’s already been done, of course, many times over on the WoW Priest forums and elsewhere.

    Time and again, Blizzard demonstrates that they do not learn from their own mistakes, much less mistakes made in other games of the MMOG flavor. Maybe this is because there’s too much churn or there’s not enough real GAME experience at the top — I dunno.

    In any case, there’s some darker days ahead for all of us as we adjust and make do with what we’re given. Again.

  13. I have to agree that WoW is starting to hold itself back by applying nerfs specifically to balance PvP. It’s bad enough that its preventing additional class types from being added but its also starting to unbalance PvE encounters. Prayer of Mending is vital for keeping melee classes alive on mobs with AoE or 360 attacks.

  14. A VERY well said post. The TF nerf they are bringing has pissed me off immeasurably.

    I really don’t understand how Devs can get so disconnected from their player base. It really confirms my belief that they do not play their own game nor have any concept of the time investment and value their players place on their achievements (loot).

    Way to follow in the footsteps of SOE.

  15. Cancelled my account the very night I learned about this. The priest class already had a ton of problems, and this is just taking the wheelchair away from a cripple. Yes, I get it Blizzard.

    RIP my 70 blood elf priest. You may have seen her pissed off on the priest forums as Roses, but Blizzard started a huge censorship campaign that disgusted me too much to even log into the forums.

    Get a paladin to heal you if you want a healer. I rolled the wrong class, and I’m not paying for it anymore.

  16. Also, thank you Foton for being such an awesome and understanding rogue. Too many rogues just want priests to be free HKs and are calling Prayer of Mending overpowered (including the rogues in my guild). They don’t realize it’s what’s healing their asses when the boss does a cleave and it bounces between them and the tank. They don’t realize that the healing goes both ways — a priest keeping themselves alive in PvP with a rogue is a rogue free to attack whatever is on the priest, and the priest can also use it to heal the rogue. Imagine that! A healer HEALING in PvP.

    Love the smart rogues, and I’ll miss ya’ll. To all the idiotic ones, good luck have fun don’t miss us priests.

  17. If the priests ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

    There’s been a few server public protests already, hosted by the priests and by the druids. Another one is scheduled for today, Warsong server, starting in Stormwind, immediately or shortly after maintenance is completed.

    It’s been difficult for the organizers to get the word out since Castle Blizzard has been nuking and banning any WoW forum info — well played, Blizzard, btw. BUT, if you’re looking for something to do later today, you might check out Warsong and see if anything interesting happens.

  18. Priest news:


    The cooldown for Prayer of Mending is now going to be ten seconds, instead of fifteen. Additionally, we’re improving the amount of damage mitigation Power Word: Shield gains from plus to healing by an additional ten percent, which is effectively double what it is now. Circle of Healing will cost 30% less mana, and we’re also continuing to look into improving Light well, as well as analyzing priest survivability in both PvE and PvP.

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  20. That was it?
    I thought that was just some emergency ooh-shit maneuver until they figure out/tell us what this Buff To Compensate All Non-buffage is :s

    They also cancelled the non-patch-note pally nerf, which is a good thing. Nabs.

  21. Ahh the mystery priest buff. Not to roll over too much, but a 6-10 second cool down on Prayer of Mending is about all I’m hoping for.

    Maybe they’re changing Spirit of Redemption to a flying angel that drops bombs. I seem to spend most of my PvP time looking like an angel as it is.

  22. I think I want to punch the guy who wrote that “Don’t hate the makers, hate the game” article. He makes a couple of good points, but falls short in the end due to one factor: Hating the makers is, vicariously, hating the game. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I play mostly because it’s still fun (in a weird, masochistic way), I have friends in-game, and I’ve invested too much time to just say “Fuck it, I’m done.” However, I certainly can’t yell at the box I purchased to fix the nerf bombs being constantly rained down upon us, so I yell at Blizzard to fix it. Mostly, because Blizzard are the only people who can. The game certainly can’t fix itself…


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