Sometimes, Random Means Never

I rather like Eyonix’s response (he of WoW’s Blizzard) to a player’s frustration with practicing game alchemy and finding zero random discoveries with 775 attempts.

Studying alchemy with a trainer or by reading a scroll is a guaranteed way to learn a new recipe. Discovering new potion recipes however, takes patience, effort, luck, and gold certainly doesn’t hurt either. It’s better to appreciate the good fortune that comes your way than to resent the fortune you never see.

On a long enough time line, good things happen to everyone. Hang in there, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself…

The logic is somewhat circular, however, the mix of folksy wisdom — Star Trek, Fight Club, maybe some Dr. Phil — is appealing.

I would have been tempted to go with advice that’s a little more Simpson-esque — You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is: never try.

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